Restricted Substances Analysis

CD Formulation performs expert analytical laboratory testing of restricted substances in cosmetics to help you ensure safety and compliance. The control of restricted substances in cosmetics is a key concern for manufacturers, distributors and importers of personal care and beauty products. The need to meet current regional regulations relevant to the launch of your products requires accurate and sensitive analytical determination of restricted substances.

Restricted Substances Analysis

Restricted Substance Testing

Restricted substance testing helps customers ensure that their products comply with rapidly changing regulations and standards that govern the types of chemicals and substances that can be used in cosmetic products. Restricted substance testing involves performing a series of laboratory tests on a product to determine which substances can be used in the product. A report and certification can then be generated to prove that the product is compliant.

Our Services

CD Formulation's cosmetic testing experts provide cost-effective and reliable analytical services to help you know exactly what restricted substances are present and in your products. Services include routine screening and testing for substances on the restricted substances list.

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In addition to our laboratory testing solutions, we offer comprehensive management through consumer healthcare testing, which includes safety, efficacy and claims support testing, as well as safety and toxicology assessment consulting and reporting.

Why We Need Restricted Substance Testing?

There are many restricted chemicals and substances that may be produced during the manufacturing of cosmetics. Restricted substance testing can help alert your business to the allowable use of chemicals and materials used in your products. It allows you to control the use of these substances in your own processes and in the processes of suppliers and retailers throughout your supply chain.

Instrumental Testing

The identification of various ingredients in cosmetics and the examination of restricted substances directly determine the quality of cosmetics and the safety of their use. Liquid chromatography has been widely used for the detection of organic substances in cosmetics because of its wide detection range, high separation efficiency and high degree of automation. With the increase in the variety of cosmetics and the increase in the frequency of use in recent years, the speed, separation and sensitivity of liquid chromatography for the detection of cosmetics have become more demanding. We have three liquid chromatography platforms with different features to enhance the performance of liquid chromatography in general while meeting the needs of different laboratories.

With rich experience, professional team and sincere service, CD Formulation is committed to providing quality control solutions for cosmetic products. CD Formulation can also provide cosmetic testing solutions for multiple countries or regions, and provide you with timely early warning information of exporting countries to help you grasp the market dynamics and reduce the export risk of your products.

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