TGF-β Delivery System Development

Transforming growth factor-β (TGF-β) is a superfamily of structurally related multifunctional cytokines, including TGF-β proteins, activins, inhibins, bone morphogenetic proteins (BMPs), and growth and differentiation factors (GDFs), etc. Members of the TGF-β family are involved in cell growth and proliferation, differentiation, apoptosis, invasion, epithelial-mesenchymal transition (EMT) and migration. TGF-β dysregulation is associated with carcinogenesis. In the early stage of cancer, TGF-β exhibits tumor suppressor effects by inhibiting cell cycle progression and promoting apoptosis. However, in advanced stages of cancer, TGF-β has a pro-tumorigenic effect and increases tumor invasiveness and metastasis. Therefore, TGF-β has become a popular target for tumor therapeutic drug development.

CD Formulation is committed to drug delivery system development, we have extensive development experience in TGF-β delivery system development. With our advanced drug development platform and experienced R&D team, we provide researchers with effective TGF-β delivery system development services.

Figure 1. Transforming growth factor-β synthesis and processing.Figure 1. Transforming growth factor-β synthesis and processing. (Esebanmen GE, et al. 2017)

Advantages for Developing TGF-β Delivery System

Our TGF-β delivery system can be used to inhibit the proliferation and differentiation of various immune cells in tumor tissues by taking advantage of its tumor-suppressive features. The TGF-β delivery system we developed has the following features.

  • Enhanced targeting. Our TGF-β delivery system enables precise access to target sites and reduces potential off-target effects.
  • Enhanced therapeutic efficacy. By encapsulating TGF-β in a carrier system, we can overcome challenges related to stability, solubility and bioavailability, and extend the systemic circulation time of TGF-β.
  • High stability. We have developed a formulation strategy that enhances the stability of TGF-β, extends its half-life and maintains biological activity.

Our Process of Developing TGF-β Delivery System

Formulation Design

Our TGF-β carrier systems are meticulously engineered to consider several aspects, including particle size, surface charge, and compatibility of the carrier material. These factors improve stability and enable controlled release.

Encapsulation Technology

By utilizing advanced encapsulation technologies such as liposomes, polymer nanoparticles, or microspheres, we ensure that TGF-β is effectively encapsulated within the carrier system. This encapsulation protects the protein from degradation and provides a sustained release profile, thereby prolonging its therapeutic effect. For example, we have developed a microsphere or hydrogel system for the treatment of osteoarthritis (OA) by encapsulating TGF-β3 and ghrelin into microspheres and encapsulating these microspheres in a hydrogel for sustained release of TGF-β3 and ghrelin.

Characterization and Quality Control

We assess the effectiveness of our TGF-β delivery devices through meticulous testing for characterization and quality assurance. Particle size distribution, encapsulation efficiency, stability, release kinetics, and biocompatibility are among the studies we run.


We transform optimized formulations into scalable manufacturing processes while maintaining product quality and consistency.

Applications of Our TGF-β Delivery System Development Services

  • Cancer therapy. TGF-β may be specifically targeted to tumor cells via our delivery technology, allowing for local treatment and reducing systemic adverse effects.
  • Tissue regeneration and repair. TGF-β is essential for promoting tissue regeneration and wound healing. TGF-β may be precisely delivered to the injured region using our delivery technology, hastening the healing process and encouraging tissue repair.
  • Immunomodulation. TGF-β has immunomodulatory properties and can be used to treat various of immune disorders. By precisely delivering TGF-β can regulate the immune response and restore immune homeostasis.

Highlights of Our TGF-β Delivery System Development Services

  • Customized solutions. We offer custom development services tailored to the needs of our client's projects to maximize the potential of TGF-β.
  • High efficiency. Our state-of-the-art development platform ensures efficient drug discovery and development services without compromising on quality.
  • High-quality. We follow strict quality control measures throughout the development process to ensure reliable results.

CD Formulation is committed to the development of TGF-β delivery systems as candidate vectors for the delivery of small molecule drugs and therapeutic genes for the treatment of cancer, providing new approaches to cancer immunotherapy. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us.


  1. Esebanmen GE, et al. The role of TGF-beta signaling in dendritic cell tolerance. Immunol Res. 2017, 65(5):987-994.
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