Peptide-Drug Conjugates Drug Delivery System Development

Peptide Drug Conjugates Drug Delivery System Development

Peptide-Drug Conjugates (PDCs) are targeted therapeutics that function similarly to ADCs. Peptides are an important type of molecule for biocoupling derivatization. Peptide-drug couples hold promise for the delivery of therapeutic agents by offering the distinct advantage of increased therapeutic potential of drugs. Both linear and cyclic peptides are being explored as transport fractions due to ease of synthesis, structural simplicity and low potential for adverse immunogenicity. CD Formulation provides you with the highest quality products in the industry as well as expert project solutions through the implementation of our state-of-the-art peptide synthesis platform.

What are PDCs

PDCs represent an important class of therapeutic agents that bind one or more drug molecules to short peptides through biodegradable junctions. PDCs are composed of different components, which include homing peptides or devices, cytotoxic payloads, and junctions that work in concert to deliver cytotoxins to targeted receptors on cancer cells. All three components work synergistically to deliver chemotherapeutic agents by targeting receptors on tumor cells to amplify their therapeutic effects. Peptides play multi-functional roles in human life processes, such as repairing cells, improving cell metabolism, and preventing cell degeneration. Peptides are biologically active as well as have excellent targeted delivery capabilities. This function is not only applicable in oncology but also in, diabetes, rheumatic diseases and rheumatoid arthritis targeting. The choice of chemical linker is a key step for the success of PDC. Chemical linkers can be either "non-cleavable" or "cleavable". Cleavable linkers are mostly used for the control and release of cytotoxic drugs and are released intracellularly after cleavage of the bond.

Drug Conjugation Techniques

The conjugation of chemical cytotoxic loads to biological compounds can be quite complex. To avoid degrading the performance of antibodies or peptides, cytotoxic agents must be placed in specific positions for defined stoichiometry. Various conjugation linkages can be established, such as amide bonds, thioether bonds, or click chemistry.

Specific linkage of cytotoxic loads to antibodies is challenging and requires a long time to develop. Peptide-drug conjugates are very attractive because peptides can be synthesized chemically. Peptide chemistry is highly versatile and allows easy integration of conjugate groups at specific sites.

Development of Drug Delivery Systems for PDCs

CD Formulation offers a one-stop solution for all your peptide drug biocoupling needs. Our custom peptide synthesis, modification and conjugation services involve the chemical modification of peptides at highly specific sites. This allows for the elegant attachment of drugs or bioactive molecules through a variety of coupling techniques.

  • Chemical modification of PDCs

Chemical modification of peptide and protein drugs improves their enzymatic stability, membrane permeability of peptides and proteins. As peptides show limited loading capacity but can successfully deliver drugs, biologics, viruses and nanoparticles to the vasculature. Peptides show excellent performance in transporting molecules to the desired target.

  • Biocoupling Development

Biocoupling is a chemical strategy to form stable covalent bonds between two molecules, at least one of which is a biological molecule. The field of biocoupling has had a considerable impact on academic research, clinical diagnostics and the production of therapeutic drugs.

  • Peptide development

By modifying the amino acid sequence of the peptide, the PDC can alter the hydrophobic and ionizing properties of the coupling. CD Formulation provides peptide synthesis, peptide modification, and guarantees products with high purity. Each peptide-drug coupling is strictly monitored during the synthesis process and controlled according to our quality assurance and quality control standards.

Our services are constantly being updated, so if the service you want is not on the list, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will develop an exclusive solution for you.

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