Propellant Cosmetic Chemicals

Product Introduction

Propellant Cosmetic Chemicals

A propellant is a chemical material that releases a product from a pressurized container, mostly a gas that liquefies under certain pressure. At present, the widely used propellant is purified liquefied petroleum gas, the main components of which are propane, butane and isobutane. Propellants are commonly used in cosmetics, such as perfumes and hydrating sprays.

Preparation of Cosmetic Sprays

The preparation of spray mainly includes three parts: preparation of product material, filling of material and propellant and quality testing.

  • Preparation of product materials

According to the performance of various products and use requirements for the preparation of materials.

  • Filling

There are three methods for filling internal products and propellants.

  1. Freeze filling method.
  2. Through the valve pressing method, after the spray packaging assembly seal is completed, the special device will pressurize the propellant and the mixture into the valve.
  3. Under cover filling method. Cold filling method cannot be used for products containing water. Pressure filling method can be used, that is, before adding propellant, the concentrated material should be loaded at room temperature and the valve should be positioned. Prior to sealing the valve, a small amount of propellant is put into the container to dislodge the original air, and a large amount of propellant is pressed into the body through the stem. The propellant is injected quickly from under the bonnet before the valve flanges.
  • Detection

The detection methods include water bath leak detection, electronic leak detection, pressure leak detection and sonar leak detection.

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