Emulsifier Excipients

Cat.No. Product Name CAS Inquiry
PE-0576 1, 2-Dioleoyl-sn-Glycero-3-Phosphpcholine 4235-95-4 Inquiry
PE-0573 1-Monolinolein 2277-28-3 Inquiry
PE-0462 Acacia 9000-5-1 Inquiry
PE-0020 Acacia gum 9000-01-5 Inquiry
PE-0021 Agar 9002-18-0 Inquiry
PE0402 Ammonium Alginate 9005-34-9 Inquiry
PE-0558 Calcium Alginate 9005-35-0 Inquiry
PE-0469 Carbomer 9003-01-4 Inquiry
PE-0566 Carbomer 980P 139637-85-7 Inquiry
PE-0525 Cetomacrogol 1000 9004-95-9 Inquiry
Emulsifier Excipients

When an emulsifier is added to an oil-water system, water and oil can mix with each other to form a fully dispersed emulsion. Emulsifier can not only improve the stability of emulsion, but also determine the type of emulsion. CD formulation provides emulsifier excipients with high purity and performance to meet your requirements. In addition to bringing you products, we also provide custom emulsifier excipients and product solutions to help you solve problems encountered in the drug development process.

About Emulsifiers

About Emulsifiers

Emulsifiers refer to surfactants that can stabilize emulsions. When the emulsifier is added to the oil-water system, water and oil can be mixed with each other to form a completely dispersed emulsion. The role of emulsifier can not only improve the stability of the emulsion, but also determine the type of emulsion. The hydrophilicity and lipophilicity of emulsifiers are generally unbalanced, and the application occasions are also different. When the hydrophilic group of the emulsifier molecule is larger and stronger than the lipophilic group (i.e., hydrophilic emulsifier), it is easy to form an oil-in-water (O/W) emulsion; on the contrary, when the lipophilic group of the emulsifier molecule When the group is larger and stronger than the hydrophilic group (i.e., lipophilic emulsifier), it is easy to form a water-in-oil (W/O) emulsion. Generally, emulsifiers with strong hydrophilicity are suitable for O/W type emulsions, and emulsifiers with strong lipophilicity are suitable for W/O type emulsions.

Classification of Common Emulsifiers

According to different purposes, common emulsifiers can be selected as follows:

Span 80

Sorbitol monooleate (Span 80) is a low molecular weight polyol nonionic surfactant and a lipophilic emulsifier. Generally speaking, Span 80 is prepared by esterifying sorbitol with oleic acid after dehydration. This production method is widely used and is a relatively mature production method. Characteristics: Span 80 has good emulsification, dispersion and other characteristics, no peculiar smell, volatile, and non-irritating.

Tween 80

Tween 80 is the abbreviation for sorbitan monooleate. Tween 80 is a hydrophilic and lipophilic nonionic surfactant. As a commonly used additive in food, medicine and other industries, it is easily soluble in water, ethanol and other solutions, and can be used as an emulsifier, stabilizer, dispersant, etc.


Lecithin is a commonly used charged amphoteric surfactant. Lecithin used in the food industry is usually extracted from soybeans, egg yolks, milk, sunflower seeds and rapeseeds. Lecithin can be compounded with other natural emulsifiers (such as protein, etc.) into a mixed emulsifier to stabilize the emulsion.

Monoglycerides Fatty Acid Glycerides

Monoglyceride fatty acid esters are fatty acid glycerides, with an HLB value of about 3.8. They are lipophilic emulsifiers with emulsifying, foaming and anti-starch aging effects. Features: fast development speed, low price, easy to use and store.

Sucrose Fatty Acid Ester

Sucrose fatty acid esters are composed of hydrophilic sucrose and lipophilic fatty acids. Sucrose esters generally have no special odor and are easily soluble in ethanol. Because of its HLB value of 7-15, it can be used as a hydrophilic and lipophilic emulsifier with a wide range of applications. It is usually mixed with other lipophilic emulsifiers.

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