Dispersion Excipients

Cat.No. Product Name CAS Inquiry
PE0378 Aluminum Oxide 1344-28-1 Inquiry
PE-0438 Aminoalkyl Methacrylate Copolymer Inquiry
PE-0443 Carbomer Copolymer 9003-01-4 Inquiry
PE-0445 Carboxymethylcellulose 9000-11-7 Inquiry
PE-0433 Cellulose Microcrystalline and Carboxy methylcellu Inquiry
PE-0435 Cholic acid 81-25-4 Inquiry
PE-0249 Colloidal Silicon Dioxide 7631-86-9 Inquiry
PE-0429 Egg Phospholipids 93685-90-6 Inquiry
PE-0432 Hymetellose328 9032-42-2 Inquiry
PE-0430 Lecithin 8002-43-5 Inquiry
Dispersion Excipients

A Dispersant is a kind of interfacial active agent with both lipophilic and hydrophilic opposite properties in the molecule. It can uniformly disperse the solid and liquid particles of inorganic and organic pigments that are difficult to dissolve in liquid, and also prevent the sedimentation and condensation of particles to form amphiphilic reagents needed for stable suspension. CD formulation has pharmaceutical related researchers and laboratory personnel, at the same time has professional laboratory equipment, we provide dispersion excipients specific products of high purity and performance, can meet your requirements. In addition to bringing you products, we also provide custom dispersion excipients and product solutions to help you solve problems encountered in the drug development process.


Dispersion excipients can be divided into inorganic dispersant and organic dispersant.

Inorganic dispersant

Inorganic dispersant is a kind of electrolyte compound with electric conductivity, which can electrolyze cations and anionic groups after being dissolved in water. Inorganic dispersant through ionized ions adsorb on the surface of charged particles, change the original double electric layer, and then increase the absolute value of Zeta potential, produce a large electrostatic repulsion, so the colloid has good stability.

Organic dispersant

Organic dispersants (that is, surfactants) can be divided into ionic surfactants (ionizing ions) and non-ionic surfactants (not ionizing ions). Organic dispersant plays a dispersive effect on the system through the following two dispersion mechanisms: for ionic dispersant, mainly by electrostatic repulsion and steric hindrance together, if the adsorption layer is thick, and the solvated layer is thick, the steric hindrance is the dominant role; Conversely, electrostatic repulsion is at work. For non-ionic dispersants, the effect is mainly through steric hindrance.

Advantages of Dispersion Excipients

Solid dispersion is a good way to increase the solubility and bioavailability of drugs. In solid dispersion, the drug is dispersed in the carrier, and the system appears to be in a solid state. The goal is to increase solubility and bioavailability.


  • Solubilizer, bioavailability enhancer, surfactant, used for capsule filling, dry granulation, film coating, hot melt extrusion, rolling, spheronization in solid dispersion and SMEDDS.
  • Good mechanical resistance. The spreadability of preparations for vaginal delivery is improved.
  • Provide bulk and enable accurate dosing of potent ingredients.


  • W/O emulsifier for lotions and creams, very suitable for dispersions and non-polar oils, allowing hot or cold processing.
  • A universal base that meets the wide range of manufacturing requirements for suppositories and pessaries, compatible with many active ingredients.

CD Formulation is a leading manufacturer of excipients, serving the pharmaceutical industry and helping it improve the performance of its products. We develop, produce and sell pharmaceutical excipients in solid, semi-solid and liquid dosage forms. Our excipients include: binders, diluents, disintegrants, emulsifiers, lubricants, plasticizers, surfactants, fillers, etc. In addition, we can also provide pre-formulation, formulation, analysis and customized pharmaceutical excipients services to meet customer needs and formulation challenges.If you have any requirements for excipients, please contact us for more information or to discuss in detail, and our colleagues will reply to you within 2-4 working days.

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