Other Suppository Base

Cat.No. Product Name CAS Inquiry
PE-0283 Cocoa butter 8002-31-1 Inquiry
PE-0288 Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose 9004-65-3 Inquiry
PE-0284 Phospholipids Inquiry
PE-0285 Polyethylene glycol (MW:400) 25322-68-3 Inquiry
PE-0286 Polyethylene glycol (MW:4000) 25322-68-3 Inquiry
PE-0287 Polyethylene glycol (MW:6000) 25322-68-4 Inquiry

About Suppository Base

Other Suppository Base

Suppositories deliver medications through internal orifices for targeted relief. Their base component plays a vital yet understated role - shaping the dosage form, shielding drugs, and regulating release. At CD Formulation, our high-performance suppository bases support diverse preparations through versatile characteristics. Whether exploring new treatments or large-scale manufacturing, adaptable options are available. Beyond premier bases, we also offer customized suppository base services.

Types of Our Suppository Base

CD Formulation's suppository bases are divided into two types: oily base and hydrophilic base, which can meet the needs of different types of pharmaceutical preparations.

  • Oily Base

Suppositories are commonly made with a grease base, which has good plasticity and stability. Moreover, the lipid matrix regulates the release rate of the drug, allowing a controlled release rate and maintaining a controlled blood concentration. CD Formulation's oily bases include cocoa butter, phospholipids, etc.

  • Hydrophilic Base

With their excellent water compatibility and quick dissolution, hydrophilic carriers swiftly release drugs for absorption. At CD Formulations, we offer diverse hydrophilic choices like hydroxypropyl methylcellulose and polyethylene glycol. Formulators can pick the matrix best suited to their active ingredients.

How to Choose Suppository Base?

  • According to the Purpose of Medication

When crafting suppositories, the base selection depends on the purpose of medication. For systemic effects, water-soluble bases promote swift drug absorption. Topical medications call for bases that melt gradually, releasing the drug slowly at the application site with minimal absorption. Substances like glycerin or gelatin fit this need well.

  • According to the Nature of the Drug

Considerations such as the nature, solubility, and chemical stability of the drug should be taken into account when choosing a suppository base. Based on the drug's properties, select a matrix with the opposite solubility that will enhance absorption and enhance drug release.

Whether developing a new product, exploring new drug delivery methods or large-scale manufacturing, our bases facilitate versatile applications. Interested in discussing your project specifics? Our team is always happy to chat!

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