Cat.No. Product Name CAS Inquiry
PE0385 Calcium chloride anhydrous 10043-52-4 Inquiry
PE-0673 Calcium chloride dihydrate77% 10035-04-8 Inquiry
PE0387 Calcium chloride hexahydrate 7774-34-7 Inquiry
PE-0226 Calcium sulfate 7778-18-9 Inquiry
PE0384 Calcium sulfate dihydrate 10101-41-4 Inquiry

Desiccants refer to a substance that can remove moisture from moist substances. Commonly used desiccants are Calcium Chloride and Calcium Sulfate.

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Calcium chloride desiccant is a kind of high-efficiency adsorption material, the main components are calcium chloride and gelatin starch. Chemically reacts water molecules with calcium chloride to absorb moisture from the surrounding environment and transform it into a gel to achieve an adsorption effect, thus completely eliminating any possibility of leakage. The common calcium chloride desiccant can reach 300%. The moisture absorption rate is 8-15 times that of ordinary desiccants.

Desiccants - Calcium ChlorideFig. 1 Desiccants - Calcium Chloride

Calcium sulfate can be obtained by reacting calcium carbonate with sulfuric acid to obtain calcium sulfate with higher purity. The purer natural gypsum is often carefully heated to remove 3/4 of the water to obtain calcium sulfate with a water content of about 5%; or it is prepared by reacting calcium chloride solution with soluble sulfate. Calcium sulfate dihydrate is called raw gypsum, and anhydrous calcium sulfate is called plaster of paris.

Desiccants - Calcium sulfateFig. 2 Desiccants - Calcium sulfate

Calcium sulfate is mainly used as a diluent and filler for tablets and capsules in the pharmaceutical field, and a curing agent for sustained-release preparations; in addition, it is also used to manufacture denture models, etc. This product is also a food additive, used as a coagulant for soybean oil products, a dough regulator, and yeast food, etc.

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