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PE-0176 Barium Sulfate 7727-43-7 Inquiry
PE-0174 Titanium dioxide 13463-67-7 Inquiry

About Opacifier

Using opacifiers helps ensure that medications maintain their original efficacy and stability throughout their shelf life. When choosing an opacifier, you need to consider the nature of the product and the usage scenario. CD Formulation can provide customers with high-quality opacifier products, among which barium sulfate and titanium dioxide are two ideal opacifier ingredients. Based on the characteristics and needs of different products, CD Formulation can also provide customers with customized opacifier formulas and services.

The Role of Opacifiers

  • Opacifiers usually have the characteristics of high density and high refractive index, which can effectively block the transmission of ultraviolet and visible light, thereby preventing pharmaceutical ingredients from being damaged by light.
  • Opacifiers can also improve the antioxidant capacity of drugs and slow down the oxidation rate of drugs.

Applications of Opacifiers

  • Pharmaceutical Preparations

Some drugs are extremely sensitive to light, such as Vitalipid, vitamin B, etc. These drugs require the use of opacifiers to ensure the stability of their structure and efficacy.

  • Biological Products

Biological products have very strict requirements for light and other environmental factors. Insulin, vaccines, etc. need to add opacifiers during the production process to protect their active ingredients from being affected by light.

  • Nutraceuticals

Some special nutritional supplements are susceptible to oxidation and deterioration due to the influence of light, such as fish oil, protein powder and vitamin D. Hence the need to use opacifiers to maintain their nutritional value and stability.

Advantages of Our Opacifiers

  • Enhanced Opacity and Whiteness

Our opacifiers are meticulously formulated to deliver enhanced opacity and whiteness, effectively masking the underlying color and translucency of pharmaceutical formulations. This ensures a visually appealing appearance, consistent product quality, and customer satisfaction.

  • Stability and Compatibility

We prioritize the stability and compatibility of our opacifiers with different pharmaceutical formulations. Our products are designed to integrate seamlessly into various dosage forms, maintaining chemical stability, and ensuring compatibility with other excipients and active ingredients.

  • Customized Services

CD Formulation can provide customized opacifier formulas and services according to the specific needs of customers to meet the special requirements of different products.

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