Disintegrants Excipients

Disintegrant Excipients

Disintegrant excipients refer to substances that can make tablets quickly break into fine particles in gastric and intestinal fluid, so that the functional components can be quickly dissolved and absorbed to play a role. Most of these substances have good water absorption and expansion, so as to achieve the disintegration of tablets. In addition to sustained-release tablets and some special purpose tablets, general tablets should be added with disintegrating agent. Disintegrating agents work to remove the binding force caused by adhesives or high compression, causing the tablet to collapse in water. CD formulation provide disintegrant excipients and we have pharmaceutically-related researchers and laboratory staff, as well as professional laboratory equipment, to provide product purity and performance to meet your requirements. In addition to bringing you products, we also provide custom disintegrant excipients and product solutions to help you solve problems encountered in the drug development process.

Classification of Disintegrants

Several types of disintegrants have been used routinely for many years and can be distinguished according to their mode of action:
(a) Enhance the effect of capillary force and promote water absorption (through sweat absorption).
(b) Swelling in contact with water.
(c) The release of gas directly leads to the disintegration of the tablet.

The general purpose of adding one or more disintegrants to product formulations is to increase the surface area of the product and soften the binding substances that hold the solid particles that make up the product. The net effect is that when the tablet is exposed to an aqueous medium, it first decomposes into granules, and then decomposes into fine granules. The rapid dissolution increases the rate at which the active ingredient is absorbed by the body, producing the desired therapeutic effect. Please note that tablets labeled as chewable tablets generally do not need to include a disintegrant in the formulation.

Tablet Disintegration Method:

  • Capillary action and blotting
  • Swelling or swelling
  • Expansion due to heating of entrained air
  • Separatist forces
  • Tablet deformation
  • Release gaseous substances
  • Triggered by enzymes

Mechanism of Action of Disintegrating Agent

The main function of disintegrating agent is to eliminate the disintegration of tablets due to the binding force formed by adhesive or pressure. The disintegration mechanism of tablets varies with the properties of raw materials used in preparation. People attach great importance to the study of this problem and put forward several disintegration mechanisms:
1. Capillary action
2. Expansion
3. Gas generation
4. Enzymatic hydrolysis

Application of Disintegrant Excipients

  • Ready-to-use ODT solution with excellent taste.
  • Direct compression, dry granulation, wet granulation, dry blending.
  • Capsules, chewable tablets, extrusion/spheronization, rolling.

What Need Attention Are:

  • Disintegrants are added to the tablet, which induces its disintegration when the tablet comes into contact with the liquid.
  • The main mechanism of disintegrants is capillary action or swelling action.
  • The disintegrant can be added inside or outside the granule, or added at the same time in two stages.

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