Capsule Filling Excipients

Cat.No. Product Name CAS Inquiry
CDC1-0001 Anti-brain Recession Capsule Filling Excipients Inquiry
CDC1-0002 Cefalexin Capsule Filling Excipients Inquiry
CDC1-0003 Cefadroxil Capsule Filling Excipients Inquiry
CDC1-0004 Ondamsetron Hydrochloride Capsule Filling Excipients Inquiry
CDC1-0005 Ranitine Hydrochloride Capsule Filling Excipients Inquiry
CDC1-0006 Mercury Sphygmomanometer Inquiry
CDC1-0007 Metronidazole and Fenbufen Capsule Filling Excipients Inquiry
CDC1-0008 Metronidazole and Galculus Bovis Capsule Filling Excipients Inquiry

CD Formulation has professional production facilities and management experience, as well as professional staff with extensive expertise. We can provide capsule filling excipients with different specifications and quality requirements, and customize the production of corresponding products according to customer needs.

Background of Capsule Filling Excipients

Capsule Filling ExcipientsThe selection of core pharmaceutical excipients is very important in drug development. Several aspects of the final dosage form must be considered, such as the nature of the active pharmaceutical ingredient (API), the intended release mode of the API (i.e., rapid or slow-release), and the manufacturing process. If the final dosage form is tablet, the core must withstand additional process steps, such as film coating and packaging. The pharmaceutical excipients used for capsule filling must flow freely and form columns under low pressure. CD Formulation provides both pharmaceutical excipients and technical guidance for the development of solid dosage forms.

Selection of Excipient

The main factors affecting the selection of chemical agent are cleaning label, technical performance and safety performance.

  • Clean label
  • Natural products continue to be desired by consumers and have a direct impact on shelf appeal. Capsule excipient HPMC and modified starch were obtained by chemical treatment, they do not exist in nature. These excipients are classified as additives. Traditionally, the adhesive properties of these polymers have been used to control fluid loss in mud (modified starch) during construction (HPMC) or oil field drilling operations, and are now increasingly being used

    We manufacture soft and hard capsules to meet the needs of vegetarians. These components are obtained from felled trees (HPMC) or corn crops (modified starch), partially etherified with methyl and/or propyl groups, and undergo heavy chemical processes, so they should be raw materials for chemical synthesis.

  • Technical performance
  • The mechanical resistance, brittleness, oxygen permeability and crosslinking ability of capsules are all key indexes to evaluate the suitability of dosage forms. However, the most important properties of the capsule shell are the level of API (drug active ingredient) release and dissolution rate.

  • Safety performance
  • Although capsule dosage forms have manufacturing advantages over other dosage forms, several factors still need to be considered when determining operational benefits. When selecting excipients, it is necessary to carefully compare their processing performance, weight difference and cost efficiency to make a correct choice.

Advantages of Excipients for Capsule Filling and Molding

Capsule filler excipients have high fluidity and low adhesion, as well as the functions of diluent and disintegrating agent, which contributes to the long-term stability of active drugs.

Designed and manufactured for pharmaceutical capsule filling machine, with the following advantages:

  • Low impurity content, good compatibility with capsule shell.
  • Liquid and semi-solid carriers suitable for high-efficiency drugs.
  • High drug loading.
  • Low melt viscosity, rapid solidification after molding.
  • Chemically inert to prevent incompatibility with other excipients or drugs.

Capsule Filling ExcipientsCD Formulation is a leading manufacturer of excipients that help improve the performance of pharmaceuticals and other products in the pharmaceutical industry. We develop, manufacture and market pharmaceutical excipients in solid, semi-solid and liquid dosage forms. If you have any requirements on excipients, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email in time, our colleagues will reply to you within 2-4 working days.


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