Albumin Nanoparticles Optimization

Albumin Nanoparticles Optimization Services for Drug Delivery

Albumin is the most abundant protein in plasma, which is biocompatible, non-toxic, metabolized without harmful substances in vivo, non-antigenic, easily purified and water-soluble, and can be administered by intravenous injection. Since albumin has a variety of drug binding sites, albumin nanoparticles can encapsulate various drugs, and its structural domain contains hydrophobic domains, which can better encapsulate hydrophobic drugs.

The Advantages of Albumin Nanoparticles

  • Good biocompatibility. Albumin, as an endogenous substance, has good compatibility, is non-toxic, non-antigenic, safe metabolites, and does not trigger autoimmune reactions or other adverse reactions.
  • Good stability. Albumin can maintain good stability under certain temperature and acidity, and for most exogenous drugs, albumin improves stability by encapsulating them.
  • Good drug-carrying performance. The unique spatial structure of albumin can encapsulate drugs by physical encapsulation or chemical bonding. It has been shown that albumin can increase the solubility of hydrophobic drugs in plasma and better protect oxidizable drugs.
  • Targeting properties. Albumin can avoid recognition and phagocytosis by the reticuloendothelial system, and because of the large number of binding sites on the surface of albumin, it can achieve targeted delivery to receptors through surface modification.
  • Longer half-life time in vivo. Albumin presents a negative charge in the blood, which makes it less likely to be cleared by macrophages and prolongs the time of the delivery system in the circulatory system.

Our Services

Albumin Nanoparticles Optimization Services for Drug Delivery

CD Formulation improves the optimization service of albumin nanoparticle drug delivery and helps customers to perfect their albumin-drug formulations. Our professional staff will develop a suitable customized solution for you, and combined with our quality assurance system, we believe that we will bring you satisfaction.

Modification of Albumin Nanoparticles

The modification of cell-specific ligands on the surface of nanoparticles can improve nanoparticle targeting, drug pharmacokinetics and tissue distribution, as well as prevent premature drug release, which can lead to drug toxicity and reduced efficacy. CD Formulation can perform modification services including: modification of cell-penetrating peptides, modification of endogenous substances, other substances and functionalized modifications.

Physical, Chemical and Biological Characterization Testing

CD Formulation can perform drug content analysis of prepared albumin-loaded drugs, including determination of encapsulation rate and drug loading, as well as testing of nanoparticle morphology, particle size and Zata potential.

Albumin Nanoparticle-Drug Formulation Optimization Services

Based on the data obtained from the tests, we provide formulation optimization services to help our customers to better develop and release their drugs.

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CD Formulation provides integrated innovation solutions from strategy to implementation to help you increase opportunities and address challenges. Through our in-depth experience in many different industries, including consumer and technology, we bring innovative solutions and cross-industry best practices to drug development. If you have a requirement about our services, please contact us by phone or email, our colleagues will reply to you within three working days.

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