LogP/LogD/pKa Analysis

In the process of drug development, in addition to the affinity and potential, the main drug candidates must also have appropriate physical and chemical properties in order to have a better chance of successful development. Partition coefficient (Log P), distribution coefficient (Log D) and ionization constant (pKa) are the basic physical and chemical properties of APIs and inactive ingredients, which can determine the physical and chemical properties, quality and efficacy of the final product. Early research on these inherent physicochemical characteristics in the early stages of drug discovery and formulation development is important for finding valuable potential drug candidates and viable carriers.

LogP/LogD/pKa Analysis.Fig.1 LogP/LogD/pKa Analysis.

CD Formulation can provide you with LogP/LogD/pKa analysis services of APIs and inactive ingredients, and the pKa testing will be performed by our scientists through calculating the LogP or LogD values and measured in various pH values. It will help you to make a decision for operational and procedural conditions that can ensure the physical and chemical stability and pharmacological activity of the product to minimize potential formulation and stability issues.

Our Methods for Particle Size Analysis

Method Technique
pKa Determination Methods Capillary electrophoresis for pKa determination
Spectral Gradient Analysis (SGA) for pKa determination
Potentiometry in pKa determination
LogP and LogD Determination Methods Shake flask method
Reversed phase HPLC
Capillary electrophoresis

Requirements for Samples

A minimal accurately weighable quantity of dry compound 1 mg or 2 µmol
10-20 mM stock DMSO solution 50 µL  


  • Calculations of the partition ratios (peak area of the analyte in octanol phase to the peak area of the analyte in PBS buffer).
  • Provide full study report.

Our Advantages

LogP/LogD/pKa Analysis

How to Contact Us?

If you have a requirement about LogP/LogD/pKa analysis services, please contact us by phone or email, our colleagues will reply to you within three working days.


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