Emulsion OEM/ODM Services

The emulsion is a liquid cream skin care product with good emolliency and moisturizing effect, especially suitable for dry spring and autumn, or winter if the skin is neutral. CD Formulation can provide professional emulsion OEM/ODM services to help customers complete the OEM processing of products and other services.

Emulsion OEM/ODM Services

About Emulsion OEM/ODM Services

Emulsion OEM processing is applicable to the following content.

  • Companies that have just registered a brand and do not yet have a product.
  • Companies that already have a brand and only have product formulations that need to be sampled and OEM.
  • Companies that already have a brand and have formulas and samples that need to be produced on a large scale.
  • Companies that already have a brand and have insufficient production capacity.

Emulsion ODM processing is applicable to the following content.

  • The cosmetic manufacturer is responsible for the whole process from packaging design to package procurement to production, so as to reduce the cost of customers as much as possible and save your time, effort, heart and money.
  • Effectively reduce the cost of brand operation. Nowadays, the cost of brand marketing has increased exponentially compared to ten or twenty years ago, while the cost of production is reduced to a very low level. We can make the businessman spend as little money as possible to produce the ideal product.
  • We enable our clients to focus on promoting their brands. ODM processing method can help you to avoid the shortcomings and focus on promoting your brand, so that you can achieve win-win cooperation.

Our Services

As one of the professional manufacturers of cosmetics with modern management standards, CD Formulation has many years of experience in cosmetics R&D and production, management advantages of large-scale production, and standardized hardware conditions. We are a cosmetic processing factory located in OEM/ODM professional operation and have been committed to integrating international technical resources, management resources and service resources, combined with our own brand manufacturing, product planning and sales operation experience, to provide our customers' brands with advantageous value products and services to help them achieve a competitive advantage.

The types of emulsion processing we can offer our customers include the following.

  • Whitening Emulsions

Whitening and softening emulsions with moisturizing and nourishing effects.

  • Moisturizing Emulsions

This emulsion keeps the skin moist and locks in the moisture contained in the skin.

  • Sensitive Emulsions

For allergic skin types, gentle and non-irritating.

  • Anti-Wrinkle Emulsions

Reduces wrinkles and prevents or reverses damage caused by the sun.

  • Body Emulsions

A usual body care that leaves skin soft and supple.

  • Facial Emulsions

Used in conjunction with face care, the product is non-sticky yet comfortable and soft.

CD Formulation can use different ingredients and ratios to produce the desired effect according to the customer's needs. Suitable for all consumer levels, OEM/ODM labeling and packaging design are available upon request.

If you have a requirement about our services, please contact us by phone or email, our colleagues will reply to you within three working days.

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