Adhesion Test

CD Formulation, as a professional drug formulation development provider, offers a series of drug prescription screening process analysis study, including the dissolution rate test , solubility analysis, powder flowability test, crystallinity determination,determination of contact angle of pharmaceutical excipients and crystallinity determination, which help customers to know enough specific information about drugs for better drug development and accelerate the process of drug commercialization. In fact, the adhesion determines the absorption of drugs and the action time of drugs and directly affects the safety and effectiveness of drugs, so the research on the adhesion has an important guiding role in the development of drug preparations.


Adhesion refers to the tendency of some substances to cling to other substances , and usually caused by interactions between the molecules of the two substances, not only depends on the molecular structure and chemical composition of the adhesive material and the surface characteristics of the adhered body, but also depends on the external conditions for the occurrence of adhesion. For example, the drug adheres to the mucosal epithelium by means of the special adhesive force of some polymer materials, which can prolong the residence and release time of the drug at the adhesion site, and achieve the purpose of targeted drug delivery, the bioadhesive can promote the absorption of the drug, and improve drug bioavailability. Adhesion directly affects the safety and effectiveness of drugs, so adhesion test has important guiding significance in the process of drug development. Adhesion test is used to evaluate the size of the adhesiveness of the patch applied to the skin surface.

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CD Formulation offers Automatic Adhesion Testers that can safely test samples simultaneously and can quickly help customers obtain adhesion information for their samples. Our common method is the 180 degree and 90 degree peel tests, pull-off test and cross-cut test. According to your testing requirements, sample quantity and characteristics, we provide appropriate testing methods to meet your application requirements, and we provide a method development report.

Adhesion Test


  • Ensure that the sample is complete.
  • Ensure that the adhesion tester's experimental and loading plates are clean and wear gloves when doing the test.
  • Ensure that the test sample is tightly attached to the test plate.

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