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Nanobodies are the smallest functional antibody fragments known in nature and can bind a wide range of targets, which has a wide range of applications in therapeutics development. Modification of nanobodies onto nanodrug carriers (e.g. liposomes, micelles, etc.) enables active targeting of nanobody-based anticancer drugs to tumor tissues. Coupling nanobodies to the surface of nanocarriers gives such therapeutic nanoparticles the ability to target tumors, increasing the accumulation of drugs in tumors and reducing damage to normal cells. CD Formulation developers can use nanobodies as carriers for transporting toxins or drugs to the site to be treated, enabling targeted release of drugs or toxins, reducing the toxins' and reduce side effects.

Fig.1 Nanobodies as efficient drug-carriers. (Panikar et al., 2021)Fig.1 Nanobodies as efficient drug-carriers. (Panikar et al., 2021)

What are Nanobodies

Antibodies are immunoglobulins, and most IgG antibodies in animals and humans are Y-shaped structures consisting of light and heavy chains, with a molecular mass of about 150 ku. Nanobodies are derived from the variable region of heavy chain antibodies in camelids, which are naturally missing the light chain, and have a molecular mass of only 15 ku, which is 1/10 of the molecular mass of conventional antibodies.

  • Important characteristics of nanobodies
  • Simple structure, easy to purify and express

The simple structure of nano-antibodies facilitates genetic and molecular manipulation and modification, and shortens the drug discovery and development cycle.

  • High affinity and stability

Nanobodies are highly stable and maintain their original biological activity while in vivo, showing that they are resistant to gastrointestinal protein digestive enzymes and tolerant to low pH.

  • High tissue permeability

Nanobodies can not only cross blood vessels to enter tissues, but also pass through the blood-brain barrier, which has a strong penetrating power and can have important potential in tumor diagnosis and solid tumor treatment.

  • Low immunogenicity and easy humanization

Since nanobodies are single-domain small molecule antibodies, they do not produce antibody-dependent cell-mediated cytotoxic effects due to the absence of Fc segment, which greatly reduces the possibility of immune response. Nanobodies are very easy to modify and have much lower immunogenicity than other antibodies.

Nanobody-delivered Drug Development

The carriers for drug delivery usually include liposomes, micelles, etc. CD Formulation can be done by certain methods to modify the drug by amination, where the nanobodies introduce cysteine (sulfhydryl group) naturally or artificially, and the nanobodies are modified without changing their original binding activity. The enrichment of nanoparticles at the site to be treated is facilitated by high permeability and retention effects.

Our nanobody service offerings include the following:

  • Custom Nanobody Development

CD Formulation can provide professional custom nanobody development to provide exclusive solutions for our clients' projects.

  • Nanobody and Vector Linkage

Nanobodies are encapsulated on the surface of micelles, and such micelles themselves have the effect of inhibiting tumor growth. Nanobody-micelles are then covalently coupled with adriamycin, which can enhance the tumor inhibition effect and prolong the survival time of animals.

The plasma of the organism contains a large amount of albumin, so the nano-antibody-albumin nanoparticles have good biocompatibility and safety with the organism.

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  1. Panikar, S. S., et al. (2021) Nanobodies as efficient drug-carriers: progress and trends in chemotherapy. Journal of Controlled Release, 334, 389-412.
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