Perfume OEM/ODM Services

Perfume is a liquid that has a fragrance. Perfume has a fragrant and strong aroma, the main role is to spray on the lapel, handkerchiefs and hair and other parts of the pleasant aroma, but also is one of the important cosmetics. Perfume in the amount of fragrance is high, generally 15% to 25%, ethanol concentration of 75% to 85%, adding 5% of water can make the fragrance through the hair. Sometimes according to the need, you can also add trace amounts of color, antioxidants, fungicides, glycerin, surfactants and other additives. Different types of perfumes are formulated through the technology and art of blending fragrances. CD Formulation can provide professional perfume OEM/ODM services to customers, helping cosmetic companies with product formulation development, product manufacturing and packaging design, etc.

Perfume OEM/ODM Services

Features of Cosmetic OEM/ODM Manufacturer

  • Years of manufacturing experience

With years of manufacturing experience, CD Formulation is committed to constantly innovate and develop new product formulations, which are more capable of opening up the market quickly for customers, assisting them in developing channels and mastering market competitiveness.

  • Diverse and complete product line

We are a manufacturer with a diverse product line and can provide a complete production chain service.

  • Natural ingredients do not harm the body

We use natural ingredients as raw materials for the sake of consumer health.

Our Services

CD Formulation as a professional development, testing, production and processing of perfume integrated company, the main business: perfume OEM/ODM services, various performance testing, etc. We are equipped with professional process technology, as well as high quality raw material sources, unique cosmetic formulations, and standardized laboratories, production plants, workshops and strict scientific and standardized management systems to help our customers complete their project requirements with high quality.

Our Advantages of Our Services

  • Strong professionalism

We have professional flavor and fragrance experts. We also have close cooperation with international major flavor and fragrance companies and research institutes, and have a full understanding and systematic knowledge of perfume, which can make high quality and efficient products.

  • Provide one-stop services

After you have decided on a good idea, we will provide you with a full range of services to create a brand (package, source material, formula, design) and other production processes, saving you time, effort and cost. We can also provide convenient services from product packaging design, bottles, molds, caps, pump heads, accessories, and flavors separately.

  • Good packaging design

We pay attention to the quality of perfume while also paying great attention to the appearance of the product, good packaging to win the impression of consumers, so that the product effectively flow through the market, not only provide from the product packaging design, bottles, molds, caps, pump heads, accessories. We even have close cooperation with professional designers in charge. We ensure that the designed packaging meets international standards.

If you have a requirement about our services, please contact us by phone or email, our colleagues will reply to you within three working days.

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