Topical Skin Spray Formulation Development

Topical soothing skin sprays are versatile, all-natural, highly effective preparations for the skin's natural defenses against irritation, inflammation, and post-operative sensitivity. CD Formulation can work on developing soothing topical sprays to help clients complete their projects efficiently. A spray is a pharmaceutical preparation in which the drug or suitable excipients are placed in a closed container and the contents are released in a mist for use on the skin, etc., by means of a manual pump. Compared with aerosols, aerosols do not contain projectile agents and do not require special pressure-resistant containers, and have low production technology and cost requirements.

Topical Skin Spray Formulation Development


Topical drugs play a very important role in the treatment of dermatological diseases, and sprays are the common dosage forms of topical drugs in dermatology. Spray means that the drug-containing solution is filled in a special device and released in a mist with the help of pressure. Its advantages: spray instead of coating, easy to clean, less irritating to the skin; good preservation, high stability, because the drug is stored in a closed container and isolated from the air, reducing the chance of oxidation, not easy to be contaminated by external bacteria; topical drug distribution, good permeability to the wound, can improve the efficacy, less drug loss. Topical skin soothing spray is an all-natural, highly effective, electrically charged preparation that soothes the skin while fighting infection and bacteria.

Our Services

Topical soothing skin spray acts as a multi-functional supplement that provides excellent acne cosmetic results, reduces fine lines and aids in scar repair, as well as cocoa soothing the skin from irritation, inflammation, post-operative and post-care sensitivity. We offer topical skin spray development formulations that are healthy, natural and an excellent solution for your all-around skin relief.

Services contents

  • Soothing Skin Spray Formulation Development

CD Formulation's pharmacologists are dedicated to providing our clients with expert formulation development of pharmaceutical formulations.

  • Excipient Screening

We offer a wide range of excipient screening services to help our clients efficiently develop their formulations.

  • Spray Testing

We can provide many types of testing, including container testing of aerosols, efficacy testing of drugs, etc.

  • Spray Production

CD Formulation has the technology to develop a wide range of formulations, in line with the company's strategy of product diversification, while meeting current expectations for pharmaceutical sprays.

We can also offer production of products that are manufactured in compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices for pharmaceuticals. This certification is combined with a highly innovative process to verify technical feasibility through the use of earlier positioned pilot scale equipment and packaging in a controlled atmosphere area. The entire manufacturing process ensures that the spray is produced to very stringent bacteriological standards.

Our Advantages of Our Services

  • Specialized in the research and development of pharmaceutical spray products for many years, with rich experience and excellent technology.
  • Many cooperative customers in the industry, successful skin soothing agent case sharing.
  • One-to-one technical service, equipment tailor-made.
  • Provide suppliers of tanks, valves, nozzles, outer caps, etc., one-stop service.

If you have a requirement about our services, please contact us by phone or email, our colleagues will reply to you within three working days.

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