Solid State Characterization of APIs

The characterization and analysis of the phases in APIs and formulations is important to ensure that the drug properties are maintained at all times. Failure to fully understand the interactions of the phases may cause changes in solubility and/or dissolution, which can directly affect drug absorption. CD Formulation has mastered cutting-edge solid-state characterization techniques and closely integrates the solid-state information obtained with the APIs and formulation processes.

Solid State Characterization of APIs

Our Services

Solid-state characterization is key to understanding the physical properties of pharmaceutical solid materials and ensuring optimal physical form. These physical properties can have an impact on the overall properties of the material, drug formulation performance, processability, stability and appearance. Our solid-state characterization team offers a range of services to support troubleshooting during formulation or process development, quality control, and investigative manufacturing. During early development, we offer customized services that enable you to understand the physicochemical properties of successful formulation development. CD Formulation offer solid state characterization of APIs in the following areas:

  • API and formulation physical property characterization.
  • Characterization of crystalline and amorphous forms.
  • Characterization of amorphous solid state dispersions.
  • Quantitative analysis of crystalline and amorphous forms.
  • API and formulation stability studies.
  • API physical property testing.

In addition to the above services, CD Formulation can also provide comprehensive data and interpretation of the data to facilitate better drug development for our clients.

Our Vision

We strive to be a company that provides the highest quality drug solid-state development solutions to pharmaceutical companies around the world. Meeting our customers' needs and exceeding their expectations will always be our goal. We will continue to be at the forefront of innovation and apply the latest science and technology to the pharmaceutical industry through our services to advance the global medical business.

Our Mission

To provide the best solid-state drug development solutions to pharmaceutical companies around the world and to be a leader in the field. By providing efficient and quality R&D services, we help our clients reduce the cost of drug development and develop new drugs to solve medical challenges in the shortest possible time.

Our Advantages

We provide our clients with the best solid-state drug development solutions at the most competitive prices.

All actions will be centered around this goal.

Will strictly control the quality of R&D and strive for impeccable R&D solutions for each and every one offered.

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