Mask OEM/ODM Services

Facial masks are made from a combination of various serum formulas with preferred fabrics, and they are arguably the easiest commodity to feel among all types of maintenance and skin care products. A mask can represent a brand and is suitable for all ages and customer groups. CD Formulation has rich experience in cosmetic OEM, among which mask OEM is more experienced. We specialize in developing high quality, competitively priced and customized mask OEM formula designs for our clients.

Mask OEM/ODM Services

Our Services

  • Mask OEM services

OEM means that the client designs and develops the product by themselves, and after determining all the ingredients and formulas of the final product, then entrusts us to produce it, and we will provide the manpower and venue to produce the final product for the client company.  The finished product will still bear the brand name of the client company, and the client company will be fully responsible for the marketing and sales part of the product.

  • Mask ODM services

The ODM and OEM models are both entrusted to the OEM company to assist in the production of the product, but the major difference is that the product design, ingredients, formulation and research are also entrusted to us, while the brand rights of the finished product are vested in the client company.

Features of Mask OEM/ODM

1. High quality of raw materials; 2. High quality of mask cloth; 3. High stability of formula; 4. Fully automated equipment; 5. Production process in aseptic room without cross infection problems; 6. Unique sterilization equipment; 7. Exclusive formula and new research and development of raw materials every year; 8. Water quality in line with the grade of care products.

Advantages of Our Services

  • No overlap in mask formula design

Since we manufacture facial masks in OEM and ODM mode, the ingredients and formulas can be designed by our customers, so we can produce them for our customers as long as they comply with hygiene standards and relevant regulations. Moreover, we will provide professional advice to perfect your products and keep an eye on the quality of your products, while not overlapping with other brands' mask ingredients.

  • First-class production equipment, high-specification laboratory

The second advantage of OEM, ODM mask OEM is our high professionalism. After all, the mask is used on the skin, so the ingredients and hygiene must be strictly controlled, otherwise if it causes allergy, redness and swelling to the user, it will cause great trouble. We are equipped with first-class production equipment such as basic laboratory instruments and constant temperature and stability test chambers, and have a high-specification laboratory to provide all-round protection for our products.

  • Intelligent flowing production line

The mass production of products must maintain their quality, and through intelligent production lines and fully automated canning equipment, we can maintain the products at high quality. We have a standardized process for mass production, canning and packaging, and SOP process to maintain a high yield rate and eliminate all defects and deterioration.

Mask OEM/ODM Process

CD Formulation can select the material of the mask paper according to the customer's needs, make the cloth material fit and transparent, match with various functional essence, make the mask paper isolate the air temporarily, then fill, seal, print and package after aseptic treatment.

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