Development and Optimization of Micro-Reservoir Controlled-Release Drug Delivery Systems

Micro-reservoir controlled release drug delivery systems can be considered as a combination of reservoir and matrix diffusion type drug delivery systems. In such delivery systems, a solid suspension of drug is first suspended in an aqueous solution of a water-soluble polymer (e.g., polyethylene glycol), and then the drug suspension is uniformly dispersed in a lipophilic polymer (i.e., silicone elastomer) by a high-energy dispersion technique to form several discrete, inaccessible drug reservoir microspheres. This thermodynamically unstable dispersion is rapidly stabilized by the in situ stabilization of immediately cross-linked polymer chains, which produces a drug polymer disc with a constant surface area and fixed thickness. The transdermal treatment system is then formed by positioning the drug disc in the center and surrounding it with an adhesive ring. This type of TDDS has both membrane-controlled and skeletal characteristics.

Development and Optimization of Micro-Reservoir Controlled-Release Drug Delivery Systems

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Solutions for Micro-Reservoir Controlled Release Drug Delivery Systems

CD Formulation has expertise in transdermal drug delivery systems and research staff specializing in this field, and is able to provide solutions for micro-reservoir controlled release drug delivery systems to help our clients better develop and effectively deliver their drugs. We customize micro-reservoir controlled-release drug delivery systems for our customers, and we provide professional laboratory equipment and related products for each procedure. We also offer polymer modification and optimization services to improve the stability and controlled release of the drug delivery system, ensuring customer satisfaction and peace of mind.

Performance Testing of Micro-Reservoir Controlled Release Transdermal Patches

Development and Optimization of Micro-Reservoir Controlled-Release Drug Delivery Systems

CD Formulation provides performance testing of micro-reservoir controlled release transdermal patches, including appearance, release, residual solvents, content uniformity, content, protective layer peel, adhesion, microbial limits, etc. Studies and risk assessments are required to determine which quality attributes are critical quality attributes CQAs for transdermal patches.

In general, the appearance of a transdermal patch can reveal whether there are obvious quality defects in the product. These quality attributes are all CQAs.

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