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With the development of pharmaceutical technology and new excipients, enteric carrier has been developed gradually. Enteric-soluble solid dispersions are solid dispersions that are located in the intestines for drug release by enteric-soluble materials. Colistin enteric-soluble solid dispersion was prepared by a veterinary drug center using cellulose acetate phthalate (CAP) as carrier. In vitro dissolution test showed that the dissolution rate of the enteric solid dispersion was very low in gastric juice, but the release rate was accelerated in intestinal solution at pH 6.8. In vivo experiments showed that the bioavailability of the enteric-soluble solid dispersion was higher than that of the crystalline powder, and the effective plasma concentration was maintained for a longer time. Therefore, the solid dispersion made of enteric-soluble materials can not only improve the bioavailability of drugs, but also have sustained release. Its commonly used carrier for cellulose and polyacrylic resin.

Solid intestinal dispersion is released in the intestinal fluidFig.1 Solid intestinal dispersion is released in the intestinal fluid

CD Formulation has a professional team of chemists, biochemists, engineers and highly qualified laboratory operators. They have expertise not only in pharmaceutical formulations, but also in the pharmaceutical industry and contract service organizations. CD Formulation can be customized for enteric-soluble carriers to meet all customer needs. After receiving customers' orders, our experts will be at your service throughout the process to ensure that we provide customers with the most cost-effective and time-saving solutions.

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As a pharmaceutical preparation supplier, we are committed to providing customers with quality products and comprehensive services. At present, most of the drugs have problems of poor solubility and low bioavailability before entering the market. As a result, our professional team has been continuously researching and developing, and currently there are multiple research methods and strategies to improve the bioavailability and solubility of drugs, which can help customers in drug development. Among them, solid dispersion is beneficial to improve the efficacy of drugs, and enteric-soluble carrier is essential.

The specific contents of our services include:

According to customer requirements and solutions, customized suitable enteric carrier. First, evaluate the client's enhanced drug molecule and its site release status, and then select the enteric-soluble carrier with the best efficacy. The carrier is constantly optimized and repeated to ensure the repeatability and efficacy of its effect. Finally, the data of the solution and test are fed back to the customer. At the same time, we also have a very professional after-sales service, convenient for customers in any process problems.

If you have problems with poorly soluble or insoluble drugs, please contact us in time, we will provide you with the most professional service.

The Advantages of Our Services

The advantages of CD Formulation for custom enteric carriers services

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If you have a requirement about our services, please contact us by phone or email, our colleagues will reply to you within three working days.


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