Powder Flowability Test

The fluidity of powder is related to the shape, size, surface state, density and void ratio of particles, etc. Together with the complex relationship of internal friction and adhesion between particles, the fluidity of powder cannot be expressed by a single physical property value. However, the fluidity of powder has a great influence on the weight difference of granules, capsules, tablets and other formulations, and is an important link to ensure product quality. There are many forms of powder flow, such as gravitational flow, vibrational flow, compressive flow, fluidized flow, etc. The corresponding evaluation methods of flowability are also different, and when measuring the flowability of powder quantitatively it is better to use the method corresponding to the processing.

Powder Flowability Test

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In tablet production, there are many processes that require powder flow and characterizing the flow is important to ensure ease of handling. CD Formulation has many flow characterization techniques to measure the flow of powders and particles.

Wall Friction Test

Wall friction tests can be performed using specimens made from, for example, the relevant wall material. The wall friction test measures the change in flow rate on a polished surface. The measured friction angle can be used to design a suitable hopper for the material in question.

Shear Cell Test

This test is designed to measure the amount of energy required to initiate the flow of powder. Using a shear tester, we slowly apply horizontal stress to the top layer of powder while the bottom layer is restrained from moving - the test is complete when the powder bed "yields".

The ring shear tester is useful in dynamic testing because it can test materials that are poorly flowing, free-flowing, or require large shear deformations. We use the test results to predict how the formulation will flow in the processing equipment.

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