Risk Substances Test

CD Formulation provides customers with safety tests such as cosmetic efficacy tests and human body tests, in addition to testing for risky substances. To avoid unsafe substances produced or brought in by cosmetic raw materials during the production process, which will cause different degrees of harm or potential danger to the human body, CD Formulation's inspection agency has extensive experience in risk testing and can provide companies with a variety of testing methods.

Risk Substances Test

Testing Background

The safety of raw materials is a prerequisite for the safety of cosmetic products. The risk assessment of cosmetic ingredients includes the ingredients themselves and the risk substances they may bring in; cosmetic products can generally be considered a combination of various ingredients and should be assessed based on all ingredients and risk substances, and if chemical and/or biological interactions between certain ingredients are identified, the risk substances they produce should be assessed. CD Formulation can perform risk assessments on cosmetic products to help companies control the safety of their products.

Our Services

CD Formulation tests for risky substances in cosmetic products by analyzing the possible presence of risky substances in the ingredients of the formulation. We currently offer the following tests:

Risk assessment procedures

  • Hazard identification

Based on the physical and chemical properties of the substance, toxicological test data, clinical studies, population epidemiological surveys, quantitative structure-effect relationships and other information to determine whether the substance poses a potential hazard to human health.

  • Hazard characterization

Analyze and evaluate the relationship between the toxic response and exposure of the substance. For chemical substances with threshold values, the minimum dose level for harmful effects is determined. For carcinogens without a threshold value, the actual safe dose (VSD) of the substance can be determined with an appropriate extrapolation model of the dose-response relationship based on test data.

  • Exposure assessment

Combined with the levels or detections of possible safety risk substances in cosmetics, we qualitatively and quantitatively evaluate the possible exposure dose to humans of possible safety risk substances in cosmetics, taking into full consideration the possible cosmetic user population.

  • Risk characterization

Determines the probability and range of the substance causing harm to human health.

Regulatory Recommendations

Based on the safety risk analysis of risky substances in cosmetics, regulatory authorities, inspection agencies, cosmetic raw materials and product manufacturers should play a synergistic role from all aspects to form a comprehensive, systematic and effective regulatory system and product quality control system to reduce the safety risks of risky substances in cosmetics.

CD Formulation provides professional cosmetic testing services in accordance with regulations, offering a wide range of methods for testing risk substances. In addition, we also provide cosmetic companies with guarantees and relevant information, and issue valid test reports, providing companies with one-stop testing services and consumers with product use guarantees.

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