Development of One-stop Solution for Nucleic Acid Drug Formulation

CD Formulation closely follows the development trend of the formulation industry and is committed to creating a first-class one-stop solution for the formulation of small molecule drugs, peptide drugs and nucleic acid drugs, vigorously promoting the development of formulation integration and accelerating the commercialization of drug formulations for pharmaceutical companies or biotechnology companies.

Development of One-stop Solution for Nucleic Acid Drug Formulation

About Nucleic Acid Drugs

Nucleic acid drugs are regulated by genes related to protein expression, which can exert regulatory effects on both inside and outside of cells and cell membrane proteins, and most nucleic acid drugs are based on the principle of base complementary pairing. The development of nucleic acid drugs has gone through a long journey, but breakthroughs in key technologies have played an important role in improving their defects such as instability, immunogenicity, and low cellular uptake efficiency, including chemical modifications and delivery systems.

One-stop Solution for Nucleic Acid Drug Formulation

Based on the team's years of experience, CD Formulation has a mature process development and production flow system, and has developed in-depth cooperation with several pharmaceutical companies and biotechnology companies. Our team of nucleic acid formulation experts covers several \key areas: bioinformatics, organic chemistry, RNA biology, molecular and cell biology, nucleic acid medicinal chemistry, and clinical medicine. We perform drug analysis, formulation design, synthesis and screening of highly effective nucleic acid drug formulations in response to project requirements provided by our clients, and validate and evaluate the efficacy and properties of nucleic acid drug formulations through a series of physical and chemical bioanalytical tests that we provide.

CD Formulation is at the forefront of innovation in nucleic acid technology, providing global pharmaceutical companies with a one-stop solution for early formulation development, drug delivery system development, and packaging design for the entire cycle of nucleic acid formulations.

Our Advantages of Our Services

  • We have been in the nucleic acid drug field for many years and have rich project development experience in the industry.
  • We have complete facilities and flexible production capabilities to meet our customers' process development needs at different stages.
  • Provide compliant, high quality, reliable and efficient service quality to help partners shorten the R&D cycle, reduce trial and error costs, accelerate product registration and market launch, and help the whole process of nucleic acid drugs from pre-clinical to commercial production.

About CD Formulation

CD Formulation's business covers all aspects of drug formulation, drug ingredients, drug development, drug testing, drug optimization, etc. We provide one-stop integrated services from pre-clinical to commercial manufacturing for our global pharmaceutical and biotech partners. In the future, we will continue to strengthen our technological barriers and enhance our R&D production and service capabilities to provide quality and diversified services to more new drug development start-ups, medium and large companies as well as pharmaceutical companies around the world.

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