Characterization of Oral Thin Film

Oral thin films provide an alternative to traditional drug delivery methods. Compared with traditional oral dosage forms, they have many advantages such as rapid onset of action, improved patient compliance, and avoidance of first metabolism. They are very suitable for elderly, children, mentally ill and other patients. CD Formulation is an industry leader in the development of oral film drug delivery systems, and we are dedicated to characterizing and providing state-of-the-art services for oral film delivery systems to help develop safe and effective oral film drug delivery systems. Relying on advanced technology platforms and professional technical teams, the characterization of oral films we provide plays a vital role in determining the physical and chemical properties of oral films, pharmaceutical properties, optimizing formulas, and improving drug delivery performance.

Elongation percentage experiment and images taken during the experiment.Figure 1. Elongation percentage experiment and images taken during the experiment. (Özakar E, et al., 2023)

Our Service for Characterization Oral Thin Film

Determination of pH Values

We measured the thickness of films prepared at several different locations using a digital micrometer, measured thickness and pH, and measured surface pH by randomly selecting a film with a specific surface area from each prepared film and dissolving it in distilled water for a certain period of time.

The Drug Content

Oral thin films of specific sizes were cut from different parts, immersed in a solvent system composed of methanol and water, and stirred in a constant- temperature water bath for many hours. The drug content was measured, and the drug extracted into the solvent was filtered and analyzed using HPLC.

Folding Resistance

Folding resistance was determined manually by repeated folding on the same axis using films with specified surface area. The value was determined by counting the number of folds the film resisted before tearing.

Mucoadhesive Strength

The mucoadhesive strength of films was determined using a texture analyzer, using rabbit buccal mucosa as a substrate. Briefly, the buccal membrane was secured to a fixation stage while a suitably sized film was attached to the analyzer's probe. The tissue membrane was wetted using simulated saliva. The removable probe was gradually slid downward until the probe touched the mucosa and then held for 1 minute.

Determination of Swelling Degrees

The swelling characteristics of the prepared films were measured in terms of percent hydration. Briefly, films of specific sizes were accurately weighed and stored on a stencil. The films were immersed along with the nets in simulated saliva maintained at a specific temperature. The net is removed from the saliva medium at various time intervals, the film is wiped and re-weighed, and finally, the percentage hydration is determined by a specific formula.

Highlights of Our Oral Thin Film Characterization Services

  • Cutting-edge analytical techniques. We utilize a wide range of cutting-edge analytical techniques, from Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR) to Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM), in our dental film characterization services to unravel the complexity of these novel drug delivery systems.
  • Customized formulation solutions. Our experienced team of scientists carefully tailor formulations to meet specific drug delivery requirements, ensuring optimal bioavailability, stability and patient compliance.
  • High-quality drug development. We provide oral film characterization services that are high-quality specific, and we develop the entire process by adhering to international quality standards and strict regulatory oversight of drug formulations.
  • Efficient drug development. Our ability to rapidly and accurately characterize buccal thin films helps our clients reduce drug development time while maintaining drug accuracy and quality.

CD Formulation is an industry leader in oral film development and characterization, providing accurate and efficient services in drug characterization. If you are interested in us, please feel free to contact us.


  1. Özakar E, et al. Preparation, Characterization, and Evaluation of Cytotoxicity of Fast Dissolving Hydrogel Based Oral Thin Films Containing Pregabalin and Methylcobalamin. Gels. 2023, 9(2):147.
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