Adenovirus Development for Drug Delivery

Lentivirus Development for Drug Delivery

Viruses are the smallest and simplest parasitic forms of life that have survived long periods of natural evolution without a cellular structure. They can often efficiently enter specific types of cells, express their own proteins and produce new viral particles, and thus viruses can be modified to become vectors for the transfer and expression of exogenous genes. Adenovirus is an envelope-free virus with a diameter of about 90-100 nm, with a wide range of cell and tissue infectivity and a large capacity of adenoviral vectors carrying gene fragments up to 7-8 kb in size. Adenoviruses can be used in the field of drug delivery and can be more fully exploited through design and platform development.

What is an Adenovirus?

Adenoviruses are envelope-free viruses with an icosahedral protein capsid consisting of a linear double-stranded DNA genome. Because adenoviral vectors cannot be integrated into the host genome, multiple doses are required. The delivery mechanism of adenoviral vectors is primarily receptor-mediated. The recombinant adenoviral vector enters the cell by receptor-mediated endocytosis and the genome it carries enters the nucleus, but does not integrate into the host cell genome, remaining outside the chromosome. The adenoviral vector is flanked by the ITR and its interior is the viral packaging signal. The vector is chemically modified with polymers after production and purification to remove barriers to vector-host interactions.

Advantages of Adenovirus

The advantages of adenoviral vectors are clearer biological properties and easy manipulation of the genome; low or no toxicity of adenovirus in humans; no integration into the host cell genome and low risk of insertional mutations; controlled cost and easy mass production.

Adenovirus Development

  • CD Formulation offers state-of-the-art adenoviral vectors with a variety of designs and structures to meet the needs of basic research and preclinical applications. We can currently give services such as construction, characterization and purification of vectors. If you would like to learn about other types of services, please contact our professional team who will customize a solution just for you.

    • Adenovirus construction

    CD Formulation provides advanced recombinant adenoviral vector construction services for basic research and preclinical applications. Constructs can be performed by mammalian cells, bacterial systems, etc.

    1. Mammalian cell adenovirus construction

    Two plasmids encoding homologous recombinant regions are used: a shuttle plasmid containing an expression cassette and a large plasmid containing most of the adenovirus genome. After introducing the target gene into the second plasmid, the two plasmids are cotransfected into mammalian cells, and the virus generated by recombination in the cells is isolated by phage spot purification.

    2. Construction of adenovirus in bacterial system

    The full-length adenovirus genome with unique restriction sites on both sides was first cloned into a bacterial plasmid. Next, the viral genomic region to be modified is subcloned into a bacterial shuttle plasmid and the desired changes are introduced by molecular biology techniques.

    • Vector characterization services
    • Adenoviral vector titration

    Adenoviral vector titration refers to the quantification of infectious recombinant adenoviral vectors. We offer a variety of titration assays, including phage spot assays, dilution assays, protein assays, and more.

    • Viral particle assay

    Adenovirus particles can be detected using spectrophotometric assays.

    • Vector purification services

    CD Formulation's adenovirus vector purification services for customers can greatly improve the quality of recombinant viral products for use in in vivo experiments.

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