Drug Repurposing for Inhaled Delivery Routes

Repurposing an existing drug candidate for inhalation delivery is a strategic way to get the drug to the patient's site faster. CD Formulation development experts guide you through a strategic repurposing approach to help get your product into clinical trials and to market faster.

Drug Repurposing for Inhaled Delivery Routes


The inhalation route of drug delivery offers significant benefits over injectable dosage form delivery, for example, the potential for more rapid therapeutic effects through optimized delivery to the lungs. It also offers significant advantages for product stability and needle-free, wide-range distribution and administration, as well as potential pharmacological advantages in facilitating local mucosal responses and traditional systemic responses by overcoming first-round metabolic challenges.

Our Services

  • Repurposing development services for inhalation sprays

Based on the experience of CD Formulation's team of experts whose current development focus is on repurposing existing drug products for inhalation delivery, we guide the specialized requirements of inhalation spray development, from drug characterization, formulation development, stability studies and related analytical support.

  • Formulation optimization for inhalation drug delivery

Our team effectively manages the development process to ensure that formulations and delivery systems are optimized for delivery to the lungs, while balancing the limitations imposed by drug properties, rapid response to critical current needs, and long-term viability of marketed products.

  • Process optimization

CD Formulation has a wide range of technologies and processes for drug delivery, which allows us to build and deploy tailored approaches for particle engineering, formulation composition, manufacturing processes, and analytical methods to maximize success. We work with many modalities, including small molecules, nucleotides, mRNA, lipid nanoparticles or liposome-encapsulated products, so no matter what your modality, we have the expertise ready to assist you.

Our scientists have the expertise to provide development support for inhaled drug formulations, deploying a strategic program of orthogonal analytical methods and determining whether device delivery mechanisms adversely affect parameters including structure, purity (aggregation, degradation, etc.) and activity of the drug in accordance with relevant guidelines.

Our Advantages

  • Leading Edge Technology

With years of experience supporting our customers' product development, we offer expertise in formulation development, product performance testing, and stability of inhalation sprays. Our development team can also provide method development and validation, inhalation product analysis, excipient compatibility studies, stability studies, and product characterization studies.

  • Breadth of Services

We offer a comprehensive range of formulation analysis services to support product development, including extractables and leachables, stability studies, elemental impurity analysis, and more. We can offer a range of flexible contracts to help meet your needs when your existing testing capabilities are stretched. Bringing quality and safety to life, we offer comprehensive quality assurance expertise to help you meet your development, regulatory submission and manufacturing challenges.

If you have a requirement about our services, please contact us by phone or email, our colleagues will reply to you within three working days.

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