Custom Slow (Controlled) Release Solid Dispersion Carriers

Water-insoluble or fat-soluble carriers are mostly used in the preparation of slow (controlled) release solid dispersions in actual production. Commonly used water-insoluble carriers are divided into three types: (1) Cellulose. Commonly used ones, such as ethyl cellulose (EC), are soluble in organic solvents such as ethanol and acetone, with large drug loading, good stability, and resistance to aging. Used in sustained-release solid dispersions, usually prepared by solvent evaporation. (2) Lipids. Commonly used lipid materials such as cholesterol, carnauba wax and castor oil wax, etc., can be used to prepare sustained-release solid dispersions by melting. (3) Polyacrylic resins. As poorly soluble carrier materials, there are polyacrylic resins containing quaternary ammonium groups. Such polyacrylic acid resins swell in gastric juice, are insoluble in small intestinal juice, but are not absorbed, and are widely used in the preparation of sustained-release solid dispersions.

An example of slow controlled release solid dispersion carriersFig.1 An example of slow (controlled) release solid dispersion carriers (Ethyl cellulose)

CD Formulation's professional team includes chemists, biochemists, engineers and highly qualified operators. They not only have expertise in pharmaceutical preparations, but also have extensive experience in the pharmaceutical industry and contract service organizations. CD Formulation can provide customized services for water-insoluble carriers to meet the needs of all our customers. After receiving the customer's order, our experts will serve you throughout the process to ensure that we provide our customers with the most cost-effective and time-saving solutions.

Our Services

As a supplier of pharmaceutical preparations, we have a variety of research methods and strategies to improve the bioavailability and solubility of drugs, which can help customers in drug development. Among them, solid dispersions contribute to the efficacy of the drug, while water-insoluble carriers are an essential ingredient. Our services include the following:

Customized sustained-release (controlled) solid dispersion carrier, according to customer requirements, corresponding to the specific carrier, and then evaluate the performance of the drug, a series of tests, at the same time, but also to optimize the product program, so that the solubility and bioavailability of the drug to a certain extent.

Service Flow

First of all, please contact our customer service staff to inform us of your requirements.

Then, our professional team will choose the right carrier to try according to your requirements.

After dispersing drugs into different vectors, evaluate and select the most suitable vector.

Repeat the experiment to prove the applicability of the carrier.

Return experimental data and product plan to customer.

The Advantages of Our Services

The advantages of CD Formulation for custom slow (controlled) release solid dispersion carriers services

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