Glucose Oxidase-Like (GOD) Nanoenzyme Customization

Glucose Oxidase (GOD) reacts with intracellular glucose and oxygen to produce hydrogen peroxide and gluconic acid, which cuts off the nutritional source of cancer cells and thus inhibits their proliferation. However, natural GOD is expensive to prepare and purify, and has the drawbacks of immunogenicity, short in vivo half-life and systemic toxicity, which are defects that will limit its biomedical applications. GOD-like nanozyme is an artificial enzyme designed to mimic the catalytic mechanism of GOD, which adopts a nano-scale structure and achieves efficient catalysis by mimicking the active center of biological enzymes.

CD Formulation specializes in the customization of GOD-like nanozymes to meet the specific needs of diverse applications. Our customized GOD-like nanozymes are a class of emerging nanomaterials with enzyme-like properties, which have various advantages such as adjustable catalytic efficiency, high stability, scalable production, etc, and have a wide range of applications in the biological field.

Figure 1. Au-based nanocomposites for GOD-like biomimetic catalysis.Figure 1. Au-based nanocomposites for GOD-like biomimetic catalysis. (Min S, et al. 2023)

Advantages of Customized Glucose Oxidase-Like (GOD) Nanozyme

  • Strong catalytic activity. GOD-like nanozyme exhibits significantly higher catalytic activity for faster and more efficient glucose oxidation.
  • High stability. GOD-nanozymes maintain functionality even under varying pH conditions, demonstrating excellent stability and functionality.
  • High selectivity. The GOD-like nanozyme demonstrates a high degree of glucose selectivity, which enables it to reliably and precisely separate glucose from other analytes.
  • Lower cost. The production of GOD-like nanozyme is cost-effective compared to natural glucose oxidase extracts.

Our Process of Glucose Oxidase-Like (GOD) Nanozyme Customization

Design Phase

We work closely with our customers to understand their specific needs and desired applications, and then through computational modeling and protein engineering techniques, we design a GOD-like nanozyme optimized for the targeted catalytic activity and environmental conditions.

Synthesis and Characterization

Using advanced nanoscale fabrication techniques, we can precise control of size, shape and surface properties of nanozymes. This stage we need to consider the typical physicochemical parameters of the GOD-like nanozyme, including the size, shape, composition, and surface modifications, to be well-designed to optimize the catalytic performance of various nanomaterials on glucose. After synthesis, we perform a comprehensive characterization analysis.


We offer a wide range of customization options, including surface functionalization for enhanced stability and compatibility, and encapsulation for targeted delivery and controlled release applications. For encapsulation material selection, we typically consider its encapsulation in combination with various of nanocarriers such as metal-organic frameworks, metal nano complexes, silica nanoparticles, polymers, and more.

Quality Assurance

We implement strict quality control measures throughout the customization process to ensure the performance and reliability of the customized GOD-like nanozyme products.

Applications of Our Glucose Oxidase-Like (GOD) Nanozyme Customization Services

  • Farming. GOD-Like nanozyme creates a new animal protection paradigm that changes the traditional livestock preventive healthcare model of single or few targeting pathogenic bacteria.
  • Bioenergy. It can be used in a variety of aspects such as biofuel cells, bioenergy conversion, etc. To improve the efficiency of energy utilization.
  • Biomedicine. It can be used in pharmaceutical medicine, biosensing, to improve the efficiency and sensibility of drugs.

Highlights of Our Glucose Oxidase-Like (GOD) Nanoenzyme Customization Services

  • Customized solutions. We can provide customized solutions to best meet our clients' research needs.
  • Experienced. Our research team has many years of service experience in nanozyme custom development services, ensuring customized high-quality nanozyme.
  • Advanced technology. We are always on the cutting edge of nanozyme development and equipped with the most advanced technology platform.

CD Formulation is a professional nanozyme customization company. We show good potential for development in customized GOD-like nanozymes. If you are interested in us, please feel free to contact us.


  1. Min S, et al. Nanomaterials with Glucose Oxidase-Mimicking Activity for Biomedical Applications. Molecules. 2023; 28(12):4615.
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