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The particle size of the drug is reduced to a certain degree of fineness (such as ordinary powder), which can increase the surface area of the drug and promote the dissolution of the drug. When the particle size of the drug is reduced to the micron level, it helps to improve the utilization efficiency of poorly soluble drugs. For poorly soluble drugs, the bioavailability is greatly improved (the particle size has little effect on the solubility of soluble drugs); and for poorly soluble drugs , when the particle size is larger than 2000 nm, it has no effect on the solubility; the solubility of the particle size in the range of 0.1-100 nm increases with the decrease of the particle size. Low-temperature freezing spray is a way to prepare poorly water-soluble nano- and micro-drug particles.

Pharmaceutical powders processed by low temperature freezing spray technologyFig.1 Pharmaceutical powders processed by low temperature freezing spray technology

CD Formulation has professional experience and technical personnel in the development of pharmaceutical preparation particles through low temperature freezing spray technology. If you have insoluble or poorly soluble pharmaceutical active ingredients, please contact us in time to learn how micronization technology can help solve your formulation challenges, and let us take your product from concept to commercialization.

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The process of low temperature spraying:

Directly spray the raw material liquid or emulsion containing pharmaceutical active components, excipients and or surfactants into the low-temperature compressed liquid under high pressure, atomize to form nano-structured particles, and then freeze-dry. The cryogenic compressed liquid can be CO2, ethane, propane, liquid helium, liquid nitrogen, etc.

Since the raw material liquid is sprayed directly into the liquid freezing medium, the collision and exchange of liquid-liquid droplets are much more intense than sprayed into the gas medium, resulting in a stronger atomization effect. The atomized droplets directly contact the frozen liquid medium to cause rapid cooling, which prevents the phase separation of the drug solute and the raw material liquid system. During freeze-drying, the solvent sublimates from the particles to form an excipient package with a porous structure and a high specific surface area. The amorphous structure of the coating significantly improves the wettability and solubility of water-insoluble active drugs. The low-temperature spraying process is not restricted by the conditions of mutual solubility of the solvent and the freezing liquid. Therefore, the low-temperature spraying technology has a wider application range.

Why Choose CD Formulation?

  • Comprehensive integration of pharmaceutical R&D supporting products.
  • Long-standing expertise in field solid state characterization to support the development of custom and proprietary active pharmaceutical ingredients.
  • Comprehensive advanced equipment, can achieve high capacity, fast turnover, support development, stability, batch release.
  • Develop internal common methods for various technologies without having to develop methods from scratch.

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The advantages of CD Formulation for low temperature freezing spray technology services

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If you have a requirement about low temperature freezing spray technology services, please contact us by phone or email, our colleagues will reply to you within three working days.


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