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Liposomes are the most widely studied nano-drug carriers in current drug delivery systems. They are closed vesicles composed of lipid bilayers composed of phospholipids and cholesterol. Liposomes have a biomembrane-like structure that can encapsulate water-soluble and lipid-soluble drugs. It has high selectivity, no toxicity, no immunogenicity, and is suitable for degrading in vivo. As a drug carrier, liposome has a high degree of targeting, can effectively protect the encapsulated drug, control the release of the drug, significantly improve the therapeutic index of the drug, and reduce the adverse drug reaction.

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The company has a professional team of chemists, pharmacists and high-quality laboratory operators. They have expertise in pharmaceutical formulation, pharmaceutical industry and contract service organizations. CD Formulation can provide customers with customized liposomes, the determination of liposome drug encapsulation efficiency, and the stability and stress testing services of liposome drug products. After receiving the customer's order, our experts will serve you throughout the process to ensure that we provide customers with the most cost-effective and time-saving solutions.

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Liposomal Drug Encapsulation Efficiency Determination

Determination of drug encapsulation efficiency involves evaluating the amount of drug contained within the liposome, compared to the total amount of drug and the liposome drug load (the amount of drug contained relative to the amount of lipid used). We determine the release of drug substances from liposomal products under specific conditions. Our team deployed a range of analytical methods to better understand liposome integrity, such as drug release, drug encapsulation efficiency, and drug loading, in response to pH, temperature, excipient additions, changes in salt concentration, or changes in interaction with components of the filtration process or fabrication surface. These studies involve TEM, cryo-TEM, optical microscopy.

Stability and Stress Testing of Liposomal Drug Products

For each lipid used to make liposomes, we can perform stability studies and stress tests (after exposure to light, pH, and oxygen) to determine degradation profiles that we can use to build stability-indicating assays. Methods include physicochemical properties such as particle size and particle size distribution. This information can help establish appropriate storage conditions and retest periods.

Strict Quality Control

Our scientists have extensive experience in liposome drug analysis, covering a range of liposome applications, including encapsulation of small molecules or larger entities. We have expertise in study design and in the development and validation of methods tailored to the characteristics of your liposome drug product. The data we generate can be used to help you establish drug specifications or support your ongoing quality control.

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