Chemokine Delivery System Development

Chemokines are a group of small molecular weight cytokines whose primary role is to recruit leukocyte subpopulations under homeostatic and pathological conditions, and these cytokines can induce directional chemotaxis of nearby responding cells. The chemokine system is involved in the regulation of cell migration, adhesion, localization, and intercellular interactions, acting on tumor cells and immune cells to regulate the cellular activities of both, and is highly involved in the process of tumor development. Depending on the stage of tumorigenesis, the activation status of immune cells, the balance between effector and regulatory responses, and the relative expression of chemokine receptors on effector and regulatory target cells, chemokines may exhibit both pro-tumor and anti-tumor effects, and even the same chemokine may have two opposite effects when acting on different cells.

CD Formulation is committed to solving the problems encountered in the development of cellular drug delivery systems, including chemokine delivery systems, and we have developed chemokine delivery systems that have a higher safety profile and provide a new way of thinking for targeted drug delivery and precision therapy.

Our Service of Chemokine Delivery System Development

The primary role of chemokines is to mediate leukocyte migration by interacting with G protein-coupled receptors. Various delivery systems have been developed to utilize chemokine properties to combat disease. Currently, we have developed chemokine drug delivery systems that can effectively induce a role in immune responses against different diseases, especially in the field of cancer therapy.

Chemokine Drug Delivery Systems

Liposomal encapsulation. Liposomes, lipid-based vesicles, offer an attractive platform for chemokine delivery. Surface modifications facilitate targeted delivery to specific tissues or cells, enhancing therapeutic outcomes while minimizing off-target effects.

Polymer-based nanoparticles. Polymeric nanoparticles provide another avenue for chemokine delivery. Their tunable properties enable controlled release kinetics and sustained bioavailability. Surface functionalization with targeting ligands enables precise delivery to desired sites.

Immune Evasion

The immune system poses a major challenge for the delivery of chemokines, which may be cleared by phagocytes or neutralized by circulating antibodies. We can prolong circulation time and improve delivery efficiency by developing strategies to evade immune detection, such as invisible coatings or immunomodulators, after selecting a suitable drug delivery vehicle.

Tissue Penetration

Effective delivery of chemokines to target tissues requires overcoming biological barriers, including extracellular matrix components and endothelial cell layers. Our nanocarriers designed to enhance tissue penetration, such as size optimization or surface modification, can facilitate deeper tissue penetration and improve therapeutic efficacy.

Application of Chemokine Delivery System Development

  • Cancer immunotherapy. In cancer immunotherapy, we develop chemokines for targeted delivery to the tumor microenvironment. This targeted approach enhances immune cell recruitment and promotes an effective anti-tumor immune response.
  • Inflammatory diseases. For inflammatory diseases, our developed chemokine delivery system provides a nuanced solution by precisely modulating immune cell transport. This targeted modulation reduces excessive inflammation, thereby alleviating symptoms in patients with chronic inflammation.
  • Infectious diseases. Our unique chemokine delivery technology improves immune cell recruitment to the infection site, enhancing the body's natural defense mechanisms against infectious diseases.

Various routes for chemokine delivery.Figure 1. Various routes for chemokine delivery. (Mohit E, et al., 2012)

Highlights of Our Chemokine Delivery System Development Services

  • Precise positioning. The chemokine delivery system we developed enables precise targeting to ensure the therapeutic payload is delivered specifically to where it is needed.
  • Enhance therapeutic efficacy. We develop chemokines that enhance therapeutic efficacy and prolong the presence of active chemokines in the biological environment.
  • Versatility. The compartmentalizing factor delivery system we developed can be adapted to different therapeutic applications and meet different clinical needs.

CD Formulation is committed to the development of cytokine therapy. Based on our advanced technology platform and many years of development experience, we have achieved multiple achievements in the development of chemokine delivery systems. If you are interested in us, please feel free to contact us.


  1. Mohit E, Rafati S. Chemokine-based immunotherapy: delivery systems and combination therapies. Immunotherapy. 2012, 4(8):807-40.
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