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Sunscreens and sun sprays are important sun protection. However, some may contain substances that are suspected to be endocrine disrupting or harmful to the environment. Chemical-based sunscreens use organic compounds to filter UV rays. They are absorbed into the skin and provide sun protection by absorbing UV rays, either releasing the energy from the light as heat or changing the 3D shape of the chemical, which then breaks down.

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What are the Ingredients of Chemical Sunscreen?

Common chemical sunscreen ingredients include Benzophenone (C13H10O), Ethylhexyl salicylate (C15H20O3), Homosalate (C16H22O3), Cinoxate (C14H18O4), Phenyl Dibenzimidazole Tetraxanthate Disodium (C20H12N4Na2O12S4), Butyl Methoxydibenzoylmethane (C20H22O3), Ethylhexyl Methoxycinnamate (C18H26O3) and Mexoryl, etc.

What are SPF and PFA?

The efficacy of sunscreen products mainly depends on its SPF and PFA values. These two parameters represent the wavelengths that sunscreen products can protect against:

SPF=UVA+UVB, wavelength 280-400 nm.

PFA=UVA, wavelength 320-400 nm.

Test Method for Sunscreen Efficacy Evaluation

Subjects were placed in a prone position, and their backs were irradiated. The minimum erythema (MED value) of the subject's skin to ultraviolet radiation was predicted 24 hours before the test, and the ultraviolet radiation dose was adjusted according to the predicted results for the test sample. On the day of the test, first select a 7 cm ×7 cm normal skin area on the back of the subject, apply the sample to be tested or the standard control substance evenly on the above-mentioned area according to the sample dosage of (2.00±0.05) mg/cm, and then select the appropriate ultraviolet radiation dose.

Irradiation was carried out in three situations:

  1. No sample was applied to the subject's skin.
  2. The standard control sample was applied to the subject's skin.
  3. The test sample was applied to the subject's skin. After the irradiation is completed, observe the experimental results after 16-24 h, and record the MED values in the three cases respectively.

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