Solid Density Test

CD Formulation, as a professional drug formulation development provider, offers a series of drug prescription screening process testing services, which help customers to know enough specific information about drug prescription for better drug development and accelerate the process of drug commercialization. The density of particle composition is an important physical property of pharmaceutical powder.

Solid Density Test


Density is the average value of the quality of a certain substance in the spatial distribution. Solid density measurement value depends on the method of determining the particle volume. There are three ways to represent solid density. Real density is the average quality of the unit volume. Granule density is the average quality of the unit particle volume. Bulk density is the quality of the unit volume to be tested when the sample is naturally filled in the sample.

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CD Formulation offers gas replacement method real density instrument that can test samples eficiently and quickly and help customers obtain density information for their drugs. Our researchers used the gas replacement method to determine the density of the drug. This method is suitable for the determination of particle density of API and pharmaceutical excipients. The measurement principle is gas displacement method, that is, when measuring the particle density, it is assumed that in a closed system, the volume of the test gas replaced by the sample is equal to the volume of the sample itself. If the sample does not contain voids or sealed pinholes that are inaccessible to the test gas, the resulting density shall be consistent with the true density. For the test method of bulk density, see the test method of "bulk density and compaction density" in our website.

Sample Pretreatment

Make sure the sample is completely dry and powdered. Before measurement, the tested substance should be placed in a clean helium gas stream for degassing to remove volatile substance.


  • Since the degassing and determination process may lead to sample quality changes, the quality of the sample should be determined by the quality measured at the end of the determination.
  • Before measurement, ensure that the volume of the reference unit and the volume of the test unit of the gas displacement true density instrument have been calibrated by appropriate methods.

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