Toner OEM/ODM Services

CD Formulation provides free product and technical consultation to all customers and has long-term cooperative suppliers who can provide customers with multifaceted choices in a short period of time, which greatly saves customers the tediousness in the product production process. The factory can also provide customers with fashionable, exquisite, novel and personalized packaging design and other needs. The one-stop service we provide for toner can meet the requirements of all kinds of customers for branding.

Toner OEM/ODM Services


Some toners contain trace amounts of alcohol, and some are purely plant-based formulas. The purpose of a toner is to re-cleanse to restore the skin's surface pH and to condition the stratum corneum so that the skin can better absorb and prepare for the use of care products. After washing your face, use a toner to quickly replenish moisture. Use firming water for oily skin, toner for healthy skin, softening water for dry skin, firming water for T-zone for combination skin, and sensitive water and repair water for sensitive skin.

Our Services

CD Formulation can make the toner products that customers want by using different raw materials and composition ratios according to their needs. Suitable for all consumption levels, OEM/ODM customization of toner and packaging design can be done upon request.

Quality measurement of toner products

  • Determination of quality standards for cosmetic products

Chromatography measurement, sensory and physical-chemical indexes, microbiological indexes, heavy metal measurement.

  • Determination of raw material quality standards

Determination of chromatography, sensory determination, microbiological testing, PH value determination, hydroxyl value determination, saponification value determination, refraction coefficient determination and many other indicators.

  • Determination of package materials

Appearance of cosmetic package materials, package labeling, compatibility, sealing, toxicity.

  • Process monitoring

Process monitoring, quality control of each process, traceability of sample.

OEM/ODM processing capabilities

  • Professional team

A team of highly qualified, professional knowledge, stable and mature employees, and a dedicated leadership group.

  • Professional R&D

With high-class domestic and foreign professional and technical personnel, a number of engineers to ensure that its products are in line with international standards.

  • Professional information

The former extension of domestic and foreign market information and brand influence, providing a high starting point platform for partners to enter the market.

  • Professional supply of goods

Specialized whole-process procurement tracking and a large network of raw materials and packaging suppliers, saving a lot of effective resources for customers.

  • Professional planning

High, middle and low grade different products are ordered for different customer needs, just state the requirements for brands and products.

  • Professional management

Rigorous product quality management system to ensure the stable quality of each product produced.

  • Professional service

Assist customers in registering trademarks, filing and inspecting products, ordering packaging materials and accepting packaging materials on behalf of customers, and actively following up customers' feedback on product sales.

  • Professional plant

With high-performance production management and production equipment.

If you have a requirement about our services, please contact us by phone or email, our colleagues will reply to you within three working days.

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