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Most of the active ingredients obtained by high-throughput screening (HTS) or isolated from herbal medicines, after lead optimization, structural modification and modification, the obtained new chemical entities usually have low biosolubility and low bioavailability, which is in a certain degree. Therefore, one of the urgent problems to be solved in the pharmaceutical industry is to find a suitable method to improve the solubility of poorly soluble drugs and improve their bioavailability. Nanosuspension is a submicron colloidal dispersion system formed by pure drug nanoparticles with a particle size of <1 µm with a small amount of surfactant or other carrier as a suspending agent. After the drug is made into nanosuspension, it can not only reduce the particle size of the drug, increase the specific surface area of the drug, but also increase the solubility of the poorly soluble drug, thereby improving the bioavailability of the drug.

CD Formulation provides nanosuspension services for the development and production of improved drug solubility and bioavailability. We have the quality systems, infrastructure and capabilities to create a low-risk path to commercial production, even with the most complex formulations.

Our Services

If the drug is poorly soluble in water resulting in low bioavailability, the drug may not be suitable for the preparation of amorphous solid dispersions. Nanosuspensions provide another option for this class of drugs to enhance dissolution and thus improve their in vivo pharmacokinetic behavior. CD Formulation's professional team has extensive experience in screening and optimizing nano-formulations for pharmacokinetic experiments, toxicology experiments and clinical experiments, as well as in micronization and drying of nano-formulations. The services we provide are:

Multiple Batches of Nanosuspensions for Toxicology Studies

Nanoparticle Size Analyzer for Nanoformulation Characterization

Ability to Reduce Particle Size (D50) to 100-200 nm

Batch Sizes from a Few Milliliters to Liters

The Scope of Application of Nanosuspension

Insoluble drugs have low solubility in the body, making them difficult to absorb. Although the solubility of drugs can be increased by adding solvents, cosolvents, making drugs into soluble salts, solid dispersions, inclusion complexes and microemulsions of cyclodextrin, the above methods have certain limitations to varying degrees. Liposomes are also suitable for BCS class iv drugs. Compared with lipid systems such as liposomes, emulsions and other nano-drug delivery systems, nano-suspension is not only suitable for water-insoluble compounds with strong lipid solubility, but also suitable for compounds that are difficult to dissolve in water and oil.

Why Choose CD Formulation?

  • Long-standing expertise in field solid state characterization to support the development of custom and proprietary active pharmaceutical ingredients.
  • Comprehensive advanced equipment, can achieve high capacity, fast turnover, support development, stability, batch release.
  • Develop internal common methods for various technologies without having to develop methods from scratch.
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