Other Efficacy Tests

As one of the main features of cosmetics, cosmetic efficacy testing is one of the highlights of product promotion and an important factor for consumers to choose cosmetics. CD Formulation, with years of experience in cosmetics R&D, relies on its professional hardware and software facilities and rich, high-quality cooperation resources to provide the whole process from subject recruitment, efficacy program design, on-site efficacy testing to data analysis and report. CD Formulation provides a full range of cosmetic efficacy testing services from subject recruitment, efficacy protocol design, on-site efficacy testing to data analysis and report output.

Other Efficacy Tests

Cosmetic Efficacy Test Methods

Laboratory test

Human efficacy evaluation test

Consumer use test

In addition to the above cosmetic efficacy testing methods, CD Formulation can also develop new methods according to the needs of our clients.

Our Services

CD Formulation has advanced testing equipment and a professional technical team to provide professional solutions, high quality and efficient services to provide the appropriate data support for efficacy cosmetics and meet the requirements of safety and efficacy testing for all types of cosmetics.

Service content

The products tested are cosmetics with moisturizing and hair care effects.

The products tested are sunscreen and repair cosmetics.

Products tested for their spot-lighting and whitening effects.

CD Formulation's efficacy evaluation services cover all major cosmetic categories. In addition to the services described above, we can also provide testing services for other products, such as facial cleansers, body washes, shampoo and hair care products, hair coloring products, perm products, face and lip makeup products, etc.


  • Cosmetic efficacy test methods should have a reasonable test program, program design should be consistent with statistical principles, test data meet the statistical requirements, and by the requirements of the technical guidelines for the evaluation of cosmetic efficacy claims test.
  • Human efficacy testing and consumer use methods should comply with the requirements of ethical principles, before conducting the test should complete the necessary product safety evaluation to ensure that under normal, predictable circumstances shall not be harmful to the human health of the subject, all subjects should sign an informed consent before the test.

Advantages of Our Services

  • Help companies understand the efficacy of product use and screen out the most suitable formulations.
  • In-depth research on skin surface physiological structure and physiological functions to improve the professionalism of technical and marketing developers.
  • Targeted support for claims to improve the success rate of new product development and launch.
  • We can provide complete reports, protocols and documentation in the shortest possible time.

If you have a requirement about our services, please contact us by phone or email, our colleagues will reply to you within three working days.

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