Quick Release Oral Thin Film Development

Quick release oral thin films represent a groundbreaking advancement in the realm of drug delivery systems. It is used as a drug delivery system that rapidly releases drugs through saliva by dissolving or adhering to the oral mucosa due to its water-soluble polymers, ensuring swift absorption of the active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs). CD Formulation is an industry leader in novel drug delivery system services, providing efficient and reliable development services for quick release oral thin films development based on our advanced technology platform and development expertise.

Advantages for Developing Quick Release Oral Thin Film

  • Enhanced bioavailability. The rapid dissolution of quick release oral thin films in the oral cavity ensures a higher bioavailability of the active pharmaceutical ingredients. This translates to improved therapeutic efficacy and potentially lower required dosages.
  • Versatility in drug delivery. The versatility of quick release oral thin films extends to a wide range of drug classes, from analgesics to gastrointestinal medications.
  • Improved patient compliance. Faster disintegration and dissolution, no need to use water, chewing or swallowing to take the drug, for pediatric, elderly, swallowing disorders and psychiatric patients with great advantages in drug compliance and comfort.
  • Dosage flexibility and control. Each film is given a precise dose of medication to ensure the safety of the patient's medication. Variable dosage can be obtained through slitting, which is ideal for pediatric medication.

Fast dissolving film. Figure 1. Fast dissolving film. (Pandya Ketul, et al., 2013)

Our Process of Quick Release Oral Thin Film Development

Formulation Design

During the formulation design process, we customize specific drug requirements for the creation of rapid-release oral films, which are formulated by selecting the appropriate film-forming polymers, plasticizers and their active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), salivary stimulants, sweeteners, flavors, preservatives and colors.

Development Phase

This phase involves the precise execution of the formulation design into quick release oral thin film, and we employ state-of-the-art casting techniques to ensure uniformity and reproducibility in film thickness.

Pilot Testing

During this phase of safety assessment, we mainly conducted biocompatibility studies and toxicological assessments. In quality control, we should generally consider the following items.

  • Thickness and appearance.
  • Disintegration time (dissolution time) and solubility.
  • Mechanical properties.

Manufacturing Phase

In this phase, the manufacturing process will be scaled up to meet commercial production requirements. Care will be taken to optimize batch sizes and maintain product consistency.

Applications of Our Quick Release Oral Thin Film Development Services

  • Pediatric and geriatric medicine. Quick release oral thin films are particularly beneficial in pediatric and geriatric medicine, where traditional dosage forms may pose challenges. The ease of administration and rapid disintegration of these films make them ideal for populations with difficulty swallowing or administering traditional dosage forms.
  • Fast-acting medications. For medications requiring rapid onset of action, quick release oral thin films offer a superior alternative. The quick dissolution of the film in the oral cavity allows for faster absorption, leading to quicker therapeutic effects.
  • Patient compliance. The convenience and palatability of quick release oral thin films contribute to improved patient compliance. The elimination of the need for water or the need to swallow a pill enhances the overall patient experience and adherence to prescribed regimens.

Highlights of Our Quick Release Oral Thin Film Development Services

  • Customized development services. We offer a custom development approach to maximize the therapeutic benefits of immediate-release oral films.
  • Development expertise. We have a specialized research team, making us a reliable partner for drug-seeking companies.
  • One-stop development services. We offer a full range of development services to help our clients improve their development efficiency.

Quick release oral thin films developed by CD Formulation represent a transformative approach to drug delivery. Through a comprehensive development process and a focus on tailored solutions, our services contribute to the advancement of pharmaceuticals, ensuring rapid and efficient delivery of therapeutic agents for improved patient outcomes. If you are interested in us, please feel free to contact us.


  1. Pandya Ketul, et al. Fast Dissolving Films: A Novel Approach to Oral Drug Delivery. IJPTP, 2013, 4(2), 655-661.
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