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Drug micronization is an important technology in the field of pharmaceutical preparations, which mainly includes drug micronization. As far as pharmacology is concerned, the main advantages of drug micronization are: improve drug efficacy and reduce drug dosage; change the way of administration to facilitate clinical application, alleviate the pain caused by patients receiving treatment; can realize slow/controlled release drug delivery and improve bioavailability. By controlling the particle size of the drug, targeted drug delivery can also be achieved, and the toxic and side effects of the drug can be reduced. The specific surface area of the drug is significantly increased after ultra-fine treatment, and the surface properties will change, and show some special physical and chemical properties, such as increasing drug absorption, changing the characteristics of drug distribution in the body, changing the drug's membrane transport mechanism, and controlling drug release, etc. The supercritical fluid technology has very excellent effects in the preparation of drug particles. The preparation of drug particles by this technology has outstanding advantages such as small particle size, narrow size distribution, high purity, no solvent residue, and mild and easy-to-control operating conditions.

Micronization of pharmaceutical preparationsFig.1 Micronization of pharmaceutical preparations

Supercritical fluids have many characteristics that are not available in general solvents, such as density, solvation ability, viscosity, dielectric constant, diffusion coefficient and other physical and chemical properties that are very sensitive to changes in temperature and pressure, that is, without changing the chemical composition. Its properties can be continuously adjusted by pressure. The supercritical fluid micronization preparation technology is to adjust the supersaturation and supersaturation rate of the system by changing the pressure, so that the solute is crystallized or deposited from the supercritical solution. Since this process is carried out in a quasi-homogeneous medium, the crystallization process can be controlled more accurately, so fine particles with a small average particle size can be obtained, and the particle size distribution can also be controlled.

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As a supplier of pharmaceutical preparations, our team has very professional pharmacy and related professionals. Our laboratory equipment meets the requirements of drug research and development. Supercritical fluid micronization preparation services include:

According to customer requirements to prepare drug particles in accordance with the size.

Complete data report.

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With excellent service capabilities, CD Formulation can provide customers with a series of product solutions.

  • Rich project execution experience and outstanding professional team.
  • Advanced laboratory equipment.
  • Efficient work efficiency, fast delivery content can be submitted.
  • Competitive price.

The advantages of CD Formulation for supercritical fluid micronization preparation services

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